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Welcome to our wiki!

Welcome to RevivalRO Ragnarok Online Private server official wiki page!
Anything and everything you want to know about Revival Ragnarok Online can be found here.
From changes made to items, to custom content, like pvp gear, WoE information, Custom instances, Custom items Custom Monster. Dyna items, Cedi Instance, Headgear quests, Rebirth Classes and Official Pre-Renewal Content.
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Basic Game Mechanics & General Informations

Basic Leveling Guide
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Category:Classes of Ragnarok Online

RO offers a variety of different classes you can choose from. They are mostly categorized by either damage dealer or support oriented, some can even do decent in both departments. With the Adoption System you also get the option to make your character a "Baby" class.

PLIconNovice.png Novice
PLIconSuperNovice.png Super Novice PLIconNinja.png Ninja PLIconGunslinger.png Gunslinger
PLIconTaekwonKid.png TaeKwon Kid PLIconTaekwonMaster.png Star Gladiator PLIconSoulLinker.png Soul Linker
PLIconAcolyte.png Acolyte PLIconSwordman.png Swordsman PLIconArcher.png Archer PLIconMage.png Mage PLIconThief.png Thief PLIconMerchant.png Merchant
Priest Ico.png Priest Monk Ico.png
Knight Ico.png Knight Crusader Ico.png Crusader Hunter Ico.png Hunter Bard Ico.png Dancer Ico.png
Bard/ Dancer
Wizard Ico.png Wizard Sage Ico.png
Assassin Ico.png Assassin Rogue Ico.png Rogue Alchemist Ico.png Alchemist Blacksmith Ico.png Blacksmith
Ezgif-7-1d42f8f48909.png High Priest Champion Ico.png Champion LK Ico.png Lord Knight Paladin Ico.png Paladin Sniper Ico.png Sniper Clown Ico.pngGypsy Ico.png Clown/ Gypsy HW Ico.png High Wizard Professor Ico.png Professor AssassinX Ico.png Assassin Cross Stalker Ico.png Stalker Creator Ico.png Creator Whitesmith Ico.png Whitesmith

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