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When a player donates a certain amount of Money, they can gain access to special commands. You can view your lifetime total on the RevivalRO Website by log in and checking their Account settings.


Alternatively: You now have the option of sponsoring Floating Rates or starting an Event via the Event Starter to increase your donor level. This allows the player to use credits purchase in game and contribute them to increase this level.

Level Premium Points Euro Donated Command Description
1 2.500 25 € None None
2 5.000 50 € @petrename Enables you to rename your pet again.
3 10.000 100 € @jump Works like a fly wing, but you can specify coordinates after it if you want to jump to a specific area.
4 15.000 150 € @hatch Works like a pet incubator, allows you to hatch a pet in your inventory without consuming a Pet Incubator.
5 20.000 200 € @homtalk


Enables your homunculus to talk, example :@homtalk message

Enables your pet to talk, example :@pettalk message

6 30.000 300 € @homrename Allows you to rename your homunculus.
7 50.000 500 € @showmobs Locates normal monsters in an area and locates them on the minimap.
8 75.000 750 € @autotrade/@at Disconnects your client while vending and allows you to vend the same items you were vending before you got disconnected while offline.
9 100.000 1.000 € @identify


Appraises items like a magnifier.

Identifies all unidentified items in your inventory.

10 200.000 2.000 € @cstorage Opens a character's storage. This storage is bound to the character and can't be accessed from different player.

Other Benefits

  • For ever 50,-€ donation made, the player also get a Donor Box.
  • For every 25,-€ donated in the previous month, the player can get items from the "Monthly Reward NPC" in Prontera.

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