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Bought Points

Premium Points

Points that are earned either by purchasing them with real money (Donate) or buying premium point coins in game from other players. These points can be spent on the Premium Point Redemption NPC in Prontera, on the upper left side of the pond.

Limited Points

Also spent on the Premium Point Redemption NPC, these points are earned by trading in an existing premium item within 3 days of purchase. The difference between the limited and the premium points is that these points are account bound, meaning, you can't buy point coins with them. You also cannot use them for name changes, Floating Rates, or changing Dynas effects. As well you cannot exchange anything purchased with Limited Points.

Also, to spend limited points, you have to specify the amount you wish to spend on the text field above the "buy" button when purchasing an item from the NPC.

Vote Points

These are the points earned through voting diligently for our server. You can only vote once every twelve hours.

To vote and get the points, log onto our main page, and press "Vote for Points!". If you haven't voted yet, two pictures should appear below the amount of vote points you have. Click on them and vote, and the points are automatically added to your total vote points.

These points are usable in the Vote Point Redemption NPC in Prontera.

The items you get by using your Vote Points are account bound, excluding the headgears.

Thor Point Redemption

Event Points

These are the points awarded by any of the Game Masters when you win an event held by them. These points can be spent in the Event Point Redemption NPC found in Moscovia for Loki, and Prontera for Thor.

Thor Point Redemption

Event Monsters

Loki: Certain monsters can spawn once a day that will reward you 1 event point when you kill it. These monsters only spawn once a day at a random hour (2am, 7am, 5pm, etc). They can range from as low as 5 monsters up to as many as 30. When the monsters spawn, an announcement will be made saying something along the lines of "[Event] X [Mob_Name]s have spawned in random fields and dungeons throughout the world.". The monsters will only be available to be killed for 1 hour after they spawned, meaning if they spawn at 2am, they will perish at 3am. The different types of monsters that can be spawned through this are:

  • Event Poring
  • Event Holden
  • Event Assassin Cross Eremes (MVP)
  • Event Poporing
  • Event Picky

Scratch and Win

You may also have a small chance to win event points at the Event Point Lottery NPC. At the NPC, you may buy scratch and win tickets for:

  • Eir: 25,000 Zeny
  • Loki: 1,000,000 Zeny

The tickets have 3 types of scratch offs names: Blank, Event Point, Old Card Album*. After the purchase of 1 or more tickets it will start scratching them off. If you match 3 of the "Old Card Album" words, you win an old card album*. If you match 3 of the "Event Point" words, you win 1 Event Point. If you have any mix or 3 blanks, you win nothing and it either ends or starts scratching the next ticket.

  • On Eir for Old Card Album you can scrach "Gift Box" and get "Gift Box".

Most of the items are tradable, however the falcon and merchant clips are character bound, and the scrolls are account bound.