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Hugel Minigames

  • Bingo - To join, enter the Hugel Arcade (Located at 56,208) then head north and enter the Bingo Waiting Room. 5 players must fill a 5x5 card grid with numbers 1-25. The announcer will start to call out numbers. The first player to strike a full row of numbers (Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally) and the first one to yell out Bingo! wins.
  • Monster Races - To join, talk to either Eckar Ellebird (Located at 59,72) for Single Monster Race or Eckar Erenes (Located at 63,69) for Dual Monster Race. Monster races originated from simple children's game in which Cute Pets would race against each other.

Successfully guessing which monster(s) win the race or winning a Bingo game will reward players with Prize Medals which can be traded in for various prizes.
See Hugel Minigames for more information.

Izlude and Al De Baran Games

  • Izlude Arena - Izlude Arena is a time battle attack where players are given an objective that they must complete within the time limit. To join, head to Izlude and enter Izlude Arena (Located at 128,225) directly 12 o'clock direction in Izlude.
  • Al De Baran Turbo Track - Al De Baran Turbo Track is a race between other players to get through the finish line passing any difficult obstacles along the way. To join, head west from Al De Baran to Luina, the satellite of Al De Baran and head to the Turbo Track (Located at 183,204).

Winning Izlude Arena rewards you with Arena Points. Winning Al De Baran Turbo Track gives you Turbo Track points, which you can convert into Arena Points.

Battle Arena

  • Battle Arena is a place where you could battle with different monsters of your choice. To join, you must finish the Battle Arena Entrance Quest. The monsters in here does not give you experience or drop anything. It is a for-fun challenge, however, there are no rewards for beating your opponent.

Custom Games

  • Poring Ball is a fun little game where people form teams to play an RO style game of soccer. The soccer ball is a poring and touching it moves the ball. Players must push the ball into the goal box to earn more points. The team with the most points win. As an extra bonus, players may attack other players to steal the ball. More information on how to play the game can be found on the Poring Ball page. To join, head over to Prontera and talk to the Game Hoster (Located at 164,163).
  • Rock Paper Scissors (Loki Only) is pretty simple. You choose one of the three signs (Rock, Paper, or Scissors) and must defeat the npc: Rock beats Scissors; Scissors beat Paper; Paper beats Rock. Upon winning, players can obtain various prizes. However, when a player loses, they are killed on sight and must walk back to the npc to play again.