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About Melanis

Melanis gef.jpg

Geffen Melanis, or Melanis for short, is the name of the brand new PvM content introduced in the 2016-03-05 Custom Episode patch. At the moment, there is only one Melanis map open.

The story goes that some powerful magic has taken place and has caused a tear in time to create yet another portal - one, however, that bears no resemblance to those in the New World or that leads to Glastheim!

How to Find Melanis

Unlike the other portals, this one has two copies either of which can be found in Geffen Field (gef_fild08) or in Rosasceae Pass (gef_fild01p).


Even if you have not taken part in the Custom Episodes, you may still enter Melanis - however, important story elements may not be disclosed to you!

Early Observations by the First Explorers

Both Rekenber Corporation and the Tower of Mages in Geffen have taken a keen interest in this portal's appearance - for different reasons! - and have sent parties there immediately to investigate and study it. Already a few key points have been deduced by the vanguard of this reconnaissance mission:

  • There are monsters within the portal, but not like any others seen before. These monsters are stronger and more deadly, but also more intelligent. Instead of aimlessly roaming, they have formed camps which they can easily defend, forage and hunt in! They ever-so-rarely leave these camps, making them hard to pick off and kill.

  • People within the safe zone have observed a new behavior in the creatures that inhabit the Melanis: migration. Whilst regular monsters in Rune-Midgard do naturally migrate with seasons, they do not migrate to avoid being hunted, as the Melanis fauna do. However, there has been a lack of research beyond the safe zone and no one knows for certain what causes these migrations, nor what makes the monsters return to their aforementioned abandoned camp as they are wont to do.
  • The human body cannot withstand the time dilation effects felt within the portal for long. The Mages of Geffen have erected a magical barrier that creates a safe zone from both monsters and this crushing effect on the body, but not for long. Anyone without a special magic stone can only withstand 10 minutes in the safe zone before having to leave.

  • Rekenber's top scientists have managed to manufacture a stone which they are calling Traverser Stones. These Stones grant those who wield them a special protection against the time dilation effects felt within the portal. However, as Rekenber's top researcher in the area, Yousef, will tell you, this is not within its downsides and risks! The Stones last for roughly one hour before their magic is completely drained, thus becoming useless. Furthermore, any more than two Stones at one time can cause the dimensional rift to collapse inwards on top of that person, as one Rekenber intern found out the hard way...

  • If a person entering the portal leaves without a Traverser Stone with enough charge in it to protect against the dilation effects will have to wait 20 minutes before their body is ready again to withstand the harsh forces using the portal entails.

  • Mages within the portal have detailed how their casting seems to be slower than normal, whilst soldiers explain how their arms grow heavier quicker, reducing their swinging speed. Rekenber scientists believe this is due to the time dilation effects within the portal making everything seem and feel slower, including walking speed!

Mob Chain

Mob chain is the item drop system in Melanis. A message will appear in the player chatbox whenever chain is increase. All the monsters inside Melanis does not drop loot directly, except for MVP. All the loot will automatically transfer into the Treasure Chest, which can be located inside safe zone of Melanis. Chain range from 1-5, chain increases player chance to get the loot. Chain increases as you kill alot of same type of monster. Chain lost if the player killing other monster inside Melanis, disband party, and server restart. If the player relog or disconnected, the loot obtained in the Treasure Chest will be lost.

The mob chain appears as a number above the player, similar to the Gullotine Cross' Skill Rolling Cutter.

Monsters & MVP

So far there are 21 monsters found in the Melanis Continent, 6 of them being MVPs. Check the list below:

Normal Monster MVP Monsters
Lofty Orc
Diminutive Veles
Diminutive Melinda
Gnostic Reverent
Schwartze Spiegel
Chevalier of the Void
Sanguinary Swordsman
Corrupted Magician
Last Rites
Unholy Marksman
Orcish Longbowman
Orc Baron
Disfigured Maere

You need one summoning catalyst in order to summon the MVP. The catalyst can be found from certain Monsters. Interact with Defractor to summon the MVP.

Known catalyst and MVP are:

Equipment & Enchantment Links

Disclaimer & External Links

Credits to Luxuri for the whole intro. Literally copied and pasted the whole thing here in wiki. Edited some entries but basically this is the one and the same wall of text found on the 2016-03-05 Maintenance Notes on RRO Forums.

Melanis Guide by Tomson (using Assassin Cross)
Melanis Guide (using Gunslinger)


The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RevivalRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Melanis, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki

  • Alchemist
  • Yousef
  • Rowenia
  • Mage Jenner
  • Mage Alli
  • Chest
  • Gabriel
  • Hollenghen
  • Seiyablem
  • Bisashiggy
  • Daniel
  • Guard