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Icecrown refers to either Icecrown, a city, or Icecrown Citadel, a dungeon. The city is entered via a quest. Yet another quest can be done to access the citadel as well as the related instance.

Icecrown (City)

The city of Icecrown currently does not contain very much. It is a military complex setup by the Knights of Prontera outside of a mysterious ice citadel. Not much is known about the citadel, but the Prontera Knights hope to research it and find out more.


To access the city of Icecrown you must complete a fairly simple quest. You must bring one of three items to an NPC located in Prontera (164, 92). The NPC will grant you immediate access to the city as well as warp you there in the future.

Icecrown Citadel (Dungeon)

Icecrown Citadel is an ice fortress. Inside you will find various monsters resembling those inside the Ice Cave, except their names are prefixed with "Frigid".

  • Elemental and Racial Resistances are capped at 65% in the instances/dungeon.


  • Upon arrival in Icecrown, you must deliver the papers (not a physical item) to the Icecrown General (252, 226). He will have you fetch him items in order to prove you are able to adapt to the extremely cold temperatures inside the citadel.
  • After collecting the items he will tell you to speak with Icecrown Lieutenant General (255, 179).
  • The Icecrown Lieutenant General will ask you to bring him Ice Scales as he is not convinced you are ready.
  • After collecting the Ice Scales he will give you final approval papers and tell you to return to the Icecrown General (252, 226) to have his seal placed on them.
  • The general will question you and then if you agree he will place his seal upon the papers, granting you official access. He will then send you to the guards.
  • Speak with either guard standing outside the citadel (202, 311).
  • Once the guard examines the paper you are cleared to enter the citadel at any time.


Monsters that can be found in the Citadel:

Icecrown Instance

  • It is STRONGLY recommended to bring a full party for this Instance.
  • Max Stat characters can NOT be used in this Instance.
  • Alts can NOT be used in this Instance. Bringing Alts into this instance by any means is considered as an exploit and you will be punished accordingly.

The instance for Icecrown is the first of its kind on RevivalRO. Unlike past instances, it encourages you to bring a full party. Rewards are based on the time it takes and it does not matter how many people you bring.

  1. To begin the quest, speak with the Icecrown Researcher located in Icecrown (147, 240). She will have your party find a mysterious object of unknown origins. Ensure everyone has spoken with the NPC before continuing. When you enter the dungeon it will specifically say if you are not doing the quest but can be. It will say this using a guild chat style packet, so make sure that display is on.

    • Warning: Once you find the object, no more people can be invited to your party. Those that you invite after will not be able to enter the instance. If any party members are not online for any part of the instance quest they will not get credit for any of it.

  2. Once one of your party finds the object, anyone can return to the NPC to return it.

  3. When someone turns in the object a 30-minute timer will start. This timer only ticks down when no one is in the instance. This is to keep abandoned instances from taking up memory.

  4. Once inside the instance, head towards the southern edge of the centre, up the stairs there is an invisible NPC. Once this NPC is clicked you place the object there and the boss will spawn.

  5. At this point a 2 hour timer begins counting down. This timer will count down regardless if you are online or not, regardless if you are in the instance or not.

  6. When the boss is defeated everyone in the party will obtain 1 Icecrown Currency per minute remaining on the timer. There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100. As such, there's no point in even attempting a solo run of the instance.

  7. If the timer runs out you fail the instance. The only way to fail the instance is let the timer run out or skip steps.

Instance Rewards

Using a combination of Zeny and Icecrown Currency (ICC for short) you may choose to purchase rewards.

Black Coppola (Loki) 50 ICC; 35m Zeny Huntsman Boots 100 ICC; 35m Zeny
White Coppola (Loki) 50 ICC; 35m Zeny Huntsman Suit 100 ICC; 35m Zeny
Helm Of Darkness (Black) (Loki) 75 ICC; 35m Zeny Huntsman Cloak 100 ICC; 35m Zeny
Red Creed Helm (Loki) 75 ICC; 35m Zeny Huntsman Ring 100 ICC; 35m Zeny
White Daisy Band (Loki) 100 ICC; 35m Zeny White Downey Hat (Loki) 250 ICC; 35m Zeny
Glacial Dragon Helm (Loki) 125 ICC; 35m Zeny Costume: Striped Tophat (Box) 500 ICC; 20m Zeny
Frost Mystie (Loki) 400 ICC; 35m Zeny Salacia's Sword (Loki) 700 ICC; 35m Zeny
Item Price
Regeneration Potion 3 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Old Green Box 3 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Mega Resist Potion 10 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Freshman Magic Powder 20 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Gogo Magic Powder 20 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
JJangu Magic Powder 20 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Kid Magic Powder 20 ICC; 30.000 Zeny
Love Angel Magic Powder 20 ICC; 30.000 Zeny