Ragnarok's Arrival

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The time has come for Ragnarok's Arrival! (And who knows if this is truly the last of him...)

Ragnarok Arrival 1.png

Previously, from World Without Balance

Vanna had brought the Undead King back to life thus creating an imbalanced world. Midgardians were recruited to defeat Draphael who opened a dimensional rift between Midgard and the Underworld, thus a gloomy castle had risen out from the dimensional rift. Many scouts were assigned to infiltrate the castle to identify any information of whom the castle may belong to, however none came back alive. Soon after, Undead Soldiers began to attack innocent towns and villages, all the while burning them down to the ground to nothingness. However! The adventurers of Midgard were able to defeat Draphael but little did we know: that was only the beginning of the end!

A Sequel to Saving the Queen

The Queen is longer injured but as received news of a resurrection of Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything within it. If left alone, Ragnarok will consume Midgard and soon after, the Universe. Thus, the Queen is gathering adventurers from all over Midgard, yet again, to help save Midgard from destruction. There are 4 magical keys that have been placed in Vanna's Chests that can be obtained after completing the instance. Each key is required before those who wish to challenge Ragnarok to enter the catacombs where he awaits for the adventurers to slay. The catacombs have been discovered by a fellow researcher named Elyuminatea, thus, he will be the one to guide you all where Ragnarok lies.


Ragnarok's Arrival

You'll be able to begin this quest by talking to Elyuminatea (Located at prt_cas 350 81) who will require you to finish Save the Queen Instance and be a level of 255 in order to begin the ordeal. You will need to be in a party of 3 (minimum) too so don't enter the catacombs alone! You can have as many people as your party can handle! Additionally, you will need the Key of Gaiety, Deception, Illusion, and the King's Chamber in order to proceed. Fret not about your storage usage, Elyuminatea will be there to aid you with that! But it is limited so pack your items wisely.

    Note (things not allowed): Angra and Ahura, @jump, and @storage
    Note (things allowed): Yggdrasil Berries and 2 Re-Entries (5 minutes each)


Once you have talked to Elyuminatea and your team is put together, you will venture towards the catacombs where Ragnarok awaits your arrival!

First Map

The first map will require you to bypass monsters that wait for you in waves... be wary as they can catch you off guard!

Ragnarok Arrival 2.gif

Second Map

The second map will require you to fight against the Door Keeper of Gaiety... who will play with you like a toy!

Ragnarok Arrival 3.gif

Fight Mechanics: Phantom will blitz through the map from point to point at every 25% HP decrease and it won't stop til a successful attack has landed

Third Map

The third map will require you defeat the Door Keeper of Deception... be wary as there will be things which you cannot see with the naked eye....

Ragnarok Arrival 4.gif

Fight Mechanics: Golden Warrior will change elements at every 25% HP decrease Additionally, you will need to hit the correct boss out of 5 or else you face a status infliction on your whole party

Forth Map

The fourth map will require you to defeat the Door Keeper of Illusion... be aware that mistakes will be made if things are done incorrectly...

Ragnarok Arrival 5.gif

Fight Mechanics:' There will be multiple Illusionist every 25% HP decrease and you will need to hit the correct one in order to inflict damage If you hit the incorrect one... more will be summoned

Final Map

The final map will be the final battle between you, the adventurers and with Ragnarok... he'll test you from every angle and fight you've ever had so be prepared! Once he is defeated... you will be rewarded but be aware, no ordeal is every easy...

Ragnarok Arrival 6.gif

Fight Mechanics: Ragnarok will mimic each of the previous Door Keepers at every 25% HP decrease

   Cooldown for Ragnarok's Arrival Instance: Midnight Server Time


The following will be rewards that are possible to obtain once you have finished the Instance successfully and on time!


You can now enchant your Vanna's Dress, Elvira Boots, and The Spell Manteau, in this event. See more in this link: Enchantments of Ragnarok's Arrival