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We're pleased to announce we're ready to release our Achievements and titles system! What started out as a pet project is now finally ready to be released and abused enjoyed by all! Before I jump into it, I'd like to point out that we are the first ever server to make use of this system; no other server is making use of this feature.

  • [Added] A new button underneath your main status window that will open the Achievements window has been added.
  • [Added] About 150 achievements have been added to the game thus far. We will certainly be adding more as time goes on!
  • [Added] A whole host of new costumes to be unlocked!
  • [Added] Functionality for the Title tab in the equipment window.

How to gain achievements?




  • Achievements are character bound. The item rewards, however, are account bound, except where noted.
  • A new NPC, called the Achieved Man, has appeared in Prontera. He will mark as completed achievements you have already done. Bear in mind, before this, not all achievement-related data was stored, and so cannot be marked as complete. As such, only level, class and most quest achievements will be marked as completed.
  • Please note, once the Get Reward button is clicked, you will receive the reward buff. Therefore, you may, if you so will, "save" these buffs if you want. Most buffs last for, at least, 10 minutes and, at most, 30 minutes.
  • We may return to old achievements and add extra rewards, in which cases, fear not! If you complete an achievement now and a reward is added retro-actively, you may still obtain this reward. Therefore, you should not be scared to complete any and all achievements when you can.
  • We will, of course, be adding more achievements as we progress!

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