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Other Changes

  • All items that give a chance to drop items (eg. Myst Case or Mimic card) have been adjusted to scale to each servers rates.
  • The Finding Ore skill's drop rate has been increased to reflect each server's drop rates.
  • Items not dropped from monsters (i.e., dropped from players) are no longer subject to the party item distribution setting.
  • When the party item distribution method is set to even share, the receiver of picked items will be shown in the chat log.
  • Even Share EXP parties will now receive a 10% EXP bonus for every member over the first. (i.e., a 5 member even share party will receive a 40% EXP bonus.)
  • Leveling is capped at 1 level at a time.
  • Pet Egg Changes
    • If you are overweight or have 100 items in your inventory and attempt to return your pet back to its egg, it will be deleted instead of dropping to the floor.
    • We are doing this due to a small minority abusing how Eggs work to profit off events and account bound items.
    • If you lose your egg because of this, GMs will assist you in replacing it.



  • Offhand weapon stats will no longer effect mainhand weapon attacks
  • Defense Ratio Attack (I.E. Thanatos, IcePick, etc) will now only consider VIT based def, not hard defense.
  • The refine rate past the safe limit of armor type items will directly decrease damage at a rate of 1% per refine. I.E. A +10 Garment will decrease damage by 6%. The sum of all refined slots except weapon will be calculated. This is part of the final calculation and will reduce damage from ALL sources and types.
  • There is a cap of 100% heal potency bonus from cards and equipment.
  • The effect of SP Cost enhancement items will now be calculated multiplicatively rather than additively. (I.E. 3 items with -20% SP cost and 1 with +10% would reduce the cost to 56.3~%, or 0.8 * 0.8 * 0.8 * 1.1, rather than 50%.
  • All stat food now has a 30 second delay on the heal effect after being used. The normal stat bonuses will still apply no matter how fast you use them.
  • The baby food items will now have a 10 second item delay attached when used on GvG maps.
  • Premium Cards now show a (P) in the prefix when equipped to simply finding your premium cards. Example: "Double Explosive (P) Explosive Liberation Knife" (2 Premium TGs, Legit TG, Abysmal Knight)
  • All custom items granting neutral resist now grant a type that multiplies against official items rather than adds.
  • All direct Base Attack bonuses for custom items will now work at half effectiveness when using a bow. (This applies to anything with a direct number bonus, such as Atk +300)

PvP / WoE

  • The number of Badges rewarded from Battlegrounds has been modified. Flavius will now award 10 badges for winning and 2 for the losing team. Tierra Valley will award 4 for winning and 1 for the losing team.
  • Barricades will now take 1 damage per hit and have 250 HP
  • People will no longer drop skulls in PVP when dying.
  • Prebuffs that you cannot buff yourself with are now dispelled on entering PVP.
  • Loot no longer can be dropped in PvP maps to prevent the 'drop-click' annoyance.


  • Upon completion of the Fallacious Okolnir quest, anyone with the god item ingredients may turn them in to the Valkyrie Wish Maiden.


  • Various classes have received buffs / nerfs. Please see the Classes page to view each class.
  • The party option 'Even share' will now accommodate anyone within a 30 level range.
  • The maximum party size has been increased from 12 to 20.
  • An idle time limit as been added for experience gain. After 60 seconds of inactivity, a player will no longer gain experience points. The idle limit for autoloot has been lowered to 60 seconds as well.
  • Whenever the player dies, the escape menu doesn't pop up automatically anymore.
  • Homunculus max level will now be 255.
  • Every 2 Perfect Dodge over 50 will increase the hit rate of skills by 1%. This hit rate is a total addition. (e.g. a player with 100 PD and 800 flee gets hit by a player with 600 hit, normally the attacker would miss 100% of their normal hits and 100% of their skills. In this new case, the attack would miss 100% of their normal hits and hit 25% of their skills.)
  • After Cast Delay Reduction has been capped at 50%
  • Elemental Piercing has been capped at 30%.
  • Physical reflect reduction has been capped at 50%.
  • Magical reflect reduction has been capped at 50%.
  • SubRace Resistance (resistance added against a certain race) has been capped at 65%.
  • The chance to completely reflect melee and ranged attacks has been capped at 20%.
  • HP and SP recovery rate bonuses will be capped at a total of 500%.
  • Entities that take only 1 damage per attack (e.g. barricades) will now also be healed only 1 point from the heal skill.
  • Vending has been edited. You are no longer able to overlap another vendor and cover their shop completely.
  • Stalkers will now be unable to copy skills from mobs in order to prevent the copying of skills at a higher level than intended.
  • Mobs will now no longer heal players when the player has stacked too many resists; they will now only miss.
e.g. If I stack 125% Earth resistance and a mob hits me with Heaven's Drive, it will now miss; if a player hits me with Heaven's Drive, however, it will still heal me.
  • The formula for min and max MATK has been altered slightly in order to produce less extremes and more stable damage values.
    • For those interested:
    • min = int + ( (int/3)^2 / 5).
    • max = int + ( (int/2)^2 / 7).
  • Flat MATK bonuses will no longer be increased by +% MATK modifiers.
  • The following Ninja skills have received a 170ms cooldown: Cherry Fire Blossom, Dragon Fire Formation, Lightning Spear of Ice, Wind Blade and North Wind.