Pick Stone

From Revival Ragnarok Online

This skill's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Other" section listed in the table shown below to read details about this change.
None Pick Stone Skill Info
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 2
Cast Time: 0.5 ssec
Cast Delay: None
Duration: None
Target: Self
Range: None
Element: None
Catalyst: None

Skill Description

  • Requires to be less than 50% weight

Adds one Stone item to your inventory. Will not work if you are overweight (more than 50% of total weight capacity).

Other Notes

Can be learned from Thief Skill Quest or from Platinum Skills NPC.

  • This skill can no longer be used in PvP or GvG maps



Obtained Via

Skills Back Sliding · Detoxify · Envenom · Hiding · Increase Dodge · Pick Stone · Sprinkle Sand · Steal · Throw Stone
Quests Thief Job Change Guide · Thief Skill Quest · Thief Training Quest