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Job Type: First AcolyteF.png AcolyteM.png
Changes From: Novice
Changes At: Prontera Church
Number of Skills: 14
Total Skill Points: 81
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+3 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4
Living a life serving the Church, he/she sets out to join the adventurers recruited by King Tristan 3rd, in hope of finding new powers from within him/herself. He/she sets out on the journey after getting permission from the head of the Church. Following teachings, he/she does not use weapons that can hurt others. Instead, he/she is a supporter that uses skills when used on others, increases their fighting abilities and heals them as well.
Changes made to the class:
The following skills for this class have been altered.

Job Change

Rewards for doing the Quest:


See Priest Skills or Monk Skills for second class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Angelus.png Angelus
Increase VIT DEF of the user and all party members nearby for 5~50% for 30~300 seconds. 10 Supportive
Aqua Benedicta.png Aqua Benedicta
Create 1 Holy Water while standing in shallow water. Each use consumes an Empty Bottle. 1 Active
Blessing.png Blessing
For 60~240 seconds, target has +1~10 STR, DEX and INT. When used on Undead or Demons, reduces their DEX and INT by 50%. 10 Supportive
Cure.png Cure
Cures a target from Silence, Blind and Chaos statuses. 1 Supportive
Decrease Agility.png Decrease Agility
Attempts to lower a target's AGI by 3~12 with 42~60% chance of success. (30~120 seconds vs. monsters, 20~65 seconds vs. players) 10 Active
Demon Bane.png Demon Bane
Increases attack against against Demons and Undead monsters by 3~30. 10 Passive
Divine Protection.png Divine Protection
Increases VIT defense against Demons and Undead monsters by 3~30. 10 Passive
Heal.png Heal
Restore a target's HP, or damage Undead targets. (Base factor 12~84) 10 Supportive
Increase Agility.png Increase Agility
For 60~240 seconds, increase target's movement speed and has +3~12 AGI. 10 Supportive
Pneuma.png Pneuma
Protects a 3×3 area from incoming ranged attacks. 1 Supportive
Ruwach.png Ruwach
Reveal hidden enemies in a 5×5 area around the user and deal 145% MATK damage to them. 1 Offensive
Signum Crucis.png Signum Crucis
Decrease Undead-element and Demon monsters' DEF by 14~50% in a wide radius around the user, with 27~63% success chance. 10 Supportive
Teleportation.png Teleportation
Instantly move to a random spot on the map or the user's save spot. Does not work in PvP environments. 2 Supportive
Warp Portal.png Warp Portal
Use a Blue Gemstone to open a portal to the user's save spot or an area memorized earlier for up to 8 players to pass through. (0~3 memo points, 10~25 seconds) 4 Supportive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Holy Light.png Holy Light
Holy-element attack that deals 125% MATK damage to a single target. Cancels Kyrie Eleison on target. 1 Offensive 30 Holy Light Quest

Attack Speed

Weapon Base ASPD From Novice
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -7 +3
Mace -5 +5
Rod (One Handed) -20 +5

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