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Job Type: 2-1
Changes From: Mage
Changes At: Geffen Tower
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 101
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+1 +8 +1 +12 +6 +2


The spirit of nature.

Devoting his/her life to Magic even more than a Mage, you can find a big aurora of magic surrounding his/her body seen on nobody else. One day, after reading the recruiting notice posted by King Tristan III, he/she sets out to join the group of adventurers to test out the magic he/she has been researching for so long. With increased intelligence and magic, Wizards have the ability to wipe out an enemy in battle by casting a spell with the power to cause an enormous amount of damage at once. But because so much of his/her life was devoted to learning and researching magic, he/she is not as physically fit as some other job classes. Therefore, long marches and battles may be quite overwhelming. He/She usually finds the enemy's weak point from behind and causes chaos by attacking and surprising the enemy, then casts a huge spell to demolish all the enemies at once - thus, helping his/her teammates.


Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc.


The following skills for this class have been altered. See the corresponding page to find which servers are affected:

Job Change Guide

Job Level: 40
Class: Mage
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies (See Table)
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Wizard

1. Head to the Geffen tower in the middle of Geffen, and proceed to the top floor to talk to the Wizard Guildsman.

2. Mages that are between job levels 40 and 49 will have to collect items from one of the following sets:

Set Items
1 10 Red Gemstone
10 Blue Gemstone
10 Yellow Gemstone
2 5 Crystal Blue
5 Green Live
5 Red Blood
5 Wind of Verdure

3. The second test involves answering questions. Currently there are 3 different sets.

Set 1
The skill not neccessary to learn Fire Wall is [Napalm Beat] level 4.
Casting Frost Driver on a monster changes its attribute to Water.
Mastering Napalm Beat makes the skill yield 1.7 times MATK.
A Red Gemstone is required for casting Stone Curse.
The skill not needed to learn Safety Wall is Increase Spiritual Power level 6.
Without the INT bonus, 21 SP will be recovered every 10 seconds with Increase Spiritual Power level 7.
Using Energy Coat with 50% remaining SP, 2% SP is used per hit and the damage is reduced by 18%.
Safety Wall level 6 consumes 35 SP and blocks 7 attacks.
Thunder Storm level 10 consumes 74 SP.
The most useful skill for training in Byalan dungeon is Lightning Bolt.
Set 2
Slotted Guards can be obtained from Pupas.
The easiest monster for a low level to hunt is Flora.
Evil Druid is not affected by Stone Curse.
A Wind attribute weapon deals 200% damage to a level 3 Water attribute monster.
If a Baby Desert Wolf and Familiar fought, the Baby Desert Wolf would win.
Roda Frogs cannot be Cute Pets.
Goblin (Mace) is weak against a Fire attribute attack.
Caramel has the highest defence.
Ghostring is of different species when compared to others.
Deviace is not an Undead monster.
Set 3
The most important stat for a Mage is INT.
Earth does not have a "bolt" type attack.
"Good at selling stuff" is not something that would relate to a Mage.
Geffen is the town of the Mages.
Soldier Andre card has nothing to do with INT.
Compared to other job classes, the Mage is good at magic skills.
INT bonus at job level 40 is +5 for a Mage.
A Cap cannot be equipped by Mages.
The catalyst when making the Mage test solution 3 is a Blue Gemstone.
Magnolia card is irrelevant to magic.

4. To proceed, talk to Gloomy Wizard in the corner of the room who will teleport you to a waiting area. When ready, enter the chatroom to wait your turn to take the test. Only one player can be in this part of the test at the same time.

5. The next segment requires fighting through 3 rooms of monsters. Participants have 3 minutes to clear each room. If you die or run out of times, you will fail and need to retake the test.

  • Note: If you are unable to pass this portion of the test, you can instead skip the test by making it to the water room and failing five times. Once this is done, hand Gloomy Wizard a Worn Out Scroll to automatically pass. To get him to ask you for it, you must not have the Worn Out Scroll in your inventory, otherwise he'll never ask.
Room Aggressive Monster(s) Cast Sensor Monster(s) Other Monster(s)
Room 1
(Water Room)
Obeaune, 4 Hydra Cornutus, Phen, Shellfish, Vadon, Magnolia Marin, Marina, Marine Sphere (kill the Marine Spheres first)
Room 2
(Earth Room)
Mantis, Orc Warrior, 8 Mandragora, Flora Bigfoot, Caramel, Giearth, Savage, Vitata Deniro, Hode
Room 3
(Fire Room)
Desert Wolf, Goblin, Zerom, Elder Willow, Frilldora, Scorpion, Greatest General, 4-6 Horong None Pecopeco, Metaller

6a. If you pass the battle test, skip to step 7.

6b. If you fail the test, or give up queuing for the test, you will be required to answer 5 multiple choice questions:

  1. What monster is different in attribute? Cornutus
  2. Which monster does not covet items? Zerom
  3. What monster is not cast sensitive? Marina.
  4. What magic is effective to marine sphere? Lightning bolt
  5. What is not a stationary monster? Frilldora

7. After passing the test, talk to the Wizard Guildsman again. He will change your job to Wizard. Congratulations!


Below are listed the skills that are unique to the Wizard class. For more information about Mage skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
File:Earth Spike.png Earth Spike
Causes the earth below a target to rise and strike a target for up to a maximum of 5 times. 5 Offensive
File:Fire Pillar.png Fire Pillar
Summons a pillar of fire on a target spot that acts similarly to a trap, dealing MDEF-ignoring damage. 10 Offensive
File:Frost Nova.png Frost Nova
Strikes surrounding enemies with water elemental damage with the chance of freezing them. 10 Offensive
File:Heaven's Drive.png Heaven's Drive
Raises the ground in a 5x5 area around a target area, dealing damage similar to Earth Spike. 5 Offensive
File:Ice Wall.png Ice Wall
Summons a shield of ice 5 cells wide in front of the caster. 10 Active
File:Jupitel Thunder.png Jupitel Thunder
Launches an orb of lightning that hits multiple times while pushing the target back. 10 Offensive
File:Lord of Vermillion.png Lord of Vermillion
Summons explosive bolts of destruction in a 9x9 area that deals 10 strikes per second. 10 Offensive
File:Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm
Calls forth a wave of meteors from the sky that strike multiple times, each with the chance to stun a target. 10 Offensive
File:Quagmire.png Quagmire
Turns a 5x5 area of ground into a marshland that lowers AGI and DEX, and removes certain buffs. 5 Active
File:Monster Property.png Monster Property
Analyzes a target, allowing the user and any party members to view an enemy's stats. 1 Active
File:Sightrasher.png Sightrasher
Projects the fireball summoned by the Sight skill to knock enemies back and deal damage. 10 Offensive
File:Storm Gust.png Storm Gust
Summons a destructive blizzard in a 7x7 target area that can freeze enemies within it. 10 Offensive
File:Water Ball.png Water Ball
Uses water beneath the caster to launch a shower of water balls at a target. 5 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
File:Sight Blaster.png Sight Blaster
Summon a protective fireball that lasts for 2 minutes, hitting any enemy that comes within a 3x3 area, knocking them back. 1 Offensive 30 Sight Blaster Quest

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