Assassin Cross

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Assassin Cross
Assassin Cross.png
Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent Assassin CrossF.png Assassin CrossM.png
Changes From: Assassin
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 5
Total Skill Points: 69
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+9 +15 +3 +0 +10 +8
The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. With greater lethal arts and mastery of poison than the original Assassin, the Assassin Cross has a wider variety of brutal methods to overcome enemies. All without leaving the shadows ...
Changes made to the class:
The following skills for this class have been altered.

Job Change


For more information about Assassin skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Advanced Katar Research.png Advanced Katar Research
Increases Katar damage by 12~20%. 5 Passive
Create Deadly Poison.png Create Deadly Poison
Attempt to create Poison Bottles at approximately 20% + (0.4% DEX) + (0.2% LUK) chance. 1 Active
Enchant Deadly Poison.png Enchant Deadly Poison
For 40~60 seconds, increase ATK by 2~4× and a chance of causing severe Poison status on each attack. 5 Supportive
Meteor Assault.png Meteor Assault
Attack all enemies within 2 cells in any direction around the caster for ATK×0.8~4.4 with 10~55% probability of causing Stun, Blind or Bleeding. Not affected by Enchant Deadly Poison. 10 Offensive
Soul Breaker.png Soul Breaker
Ranged Attack that deals (ATK×1~10 + INT×5~50 + random(500,1000)) damage. Not affected by Enchant Deadly Poison. 10 Offensive

Attack Speed

ASPD Modifiers are the same as Assassin.

Weapon Base ASPD From Thief
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -6 0
Dagger -2 +6
Sword (One Handed) -10 0
Axe (One Handed) -11 +9
Katar -2 N/A
Left Hand Dagger -10 N/A
Left Hand Sword -12 N/A
Left Hand Axe -12 N/A

Dual Wielding

In the equipment window (ALT+Q) the right hand weapon is in the left column, next to the sprite's right hand, and the left hand (also often referred as "off hand") weapon is in the right column, next to the sprite's left hand. If the character has no weapons or shields equipped, then the first single-handed weapon equipped goes into the right hand. If any weapon is in the right hand (including a katar) then the next single-handed weapon equipped goes onto the left hand. This means that if you have a katar equipped, the first single-handed weapon you equip goes onto the left hand (also un-equipping the katar) and the second one goes onto the right hand, while if you start out empty handed the first equipped goes onto the right hand and the second onto the left hand.

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