Assassin Skill Quest

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Throw Venom Knife Quest

Class: Assassin
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Ablility to use Throw Venom Knife

1. Head to the Assassin Guild (Located at Morroc Field 16}.

2. Talk to Killtin inside the Assassin Guild. Continue conversing with him until he teaches you Throw Venom Knife.

Sonic Acceleration Quest

Job Level: 40
Class: Assassin
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Ablility to use Sonic Acceleration

1. After learning Throw Venom Knife, talk to Esmille. She will teach you the skill only after you've completed a task. Kiltin asks you to retrieve a jewel from either Sphinx B2 or Pyramids 4F.

2. In Sphinx B2, there are two places where you can obtain the gem. You only have to get one jewel from either of these locations (If the first doesn't work go the the second one, and vice-versa).

3.The first coffin site can be found at 1 o'clock (Located at 216, 268). Walk up to the platform to activate the dialogue and you will be prompted to make a choice. Depending on what you choose you will be poisoned, blinded, or cursed. Just be persistent and continue selecting and eventually you will receive a Sapphire.

4. The second coffin site is at around 9 o'clock (Located at 18, 163), where you will find a statue with an ornament. It's booby-trapped and will put you to sleep with gas. Again, keep trying and you will receive a Ruby.

5. In Pyramids 4F, the gem is located at middle of the left side of the enclosed water area. Keep walking around it to get an Aquamarine.

6. Return to Esmille with the gem to receive the Sonic Acceleration skill.

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