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Ki Translation Quest

Class: Monk
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Ki Translation

1. Enter the building at the center of the St. Capitolina Abbey (Located at 192, 171), and greet the elderly man there (Located at 316, 68).

2. Next, a 3 o'clock from here, outside the building, you should see an Apprentice Monk (Located at 270, 197).

3. If you talk to him with 0 Weight, he will teach you Ki Translation.

Ki Explosion Quest

Class: Monk
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Stems, 3 Shoots
Quest Prerequisite(s): Completed Ki Translation Quest
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Ki Explosion

1. Head to the Old man (Located at 316, 68) in the center building of the St. Capitolina Abbey (Located at 192, 171). He requires two things before he will teach you the skill.

2. First, you must learn Ki Translation, and second, you must gather items dropped by Mandragoras. Return to the man with these items to learn Ki Explosion

20 Stem 
3 Shoot

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