Empathy Quest (Eir)

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The Empathy Skill Quest is a little bit different on this server. Keep in mind that Empathy is only available to High Priests.

  • More NPCs involved
  • More items required
  • Level 3 Reputation is NOT required


Priest Ytapme is offering her knowledge of the ways of Empathy to all worthy High Priests. The only way to get her to teach you is to prove that you show signs of deep sympathy. This is done by finding a way to ease the problems between a couple in Moscovia. Only High Priests with pure heart and common sense will be able to pass this test.


1. Travel to Prontera and speak with Ferak (Located at 123, 335). He asks you to deliver a message to his friend in Geffen, so begin your long trek there.

2. In Geffen, find Karef (Located at 95, 133) and deliver Ferak's message. Now that you've helped them out, travel back to Prontera for more people to help!

3. Search the eastern marketplace for Sarah (Located at 255, 148) and speak to her to hear out her dilemma.

4. After listening to her, head on over to the Alberta Merchant's Guild (Located at 37, 41) and seek out the Shipping Foreman.

5. Once you're done with that, return to Sarah; she'll inform you of a suspicious novice.

6. Find the Suspicious Novice hiding in Prontera (Located at 284, 108) and shake her down for information.

7. Now travel south to Morocc and look for Collector Montana (Located at 284, 108). Bring him 500 Yellow Gemstone to help out this dashing young man.

8. Now it's time to head back to Prontera, and head to The Sanctuary also known as Prontera Church (Located at 234, 314) at the upper-most right side of the map.

9. Talk to Priest Ytapme (Located at 103, 66) to start her quest and bring her the required items. You'll need to bring her:

10. Go to Moscovia now and look for Sam (238, 304). Talk to him then pick:

  • Option 1 then Option 2 and then Option 2 for his three questions.
If you don't answer the questions correctly you won't be able to get the skill. You'll have to restart at Priest Ytapme.

11. Go back to Priest Ytapme and she will teach you Empathy.

Required Items




See Empathy Skill Quest for information on how to do this quest if you're on Loki .

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