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Assumptio.png Assumptio Skill Info
Assumptio Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 10 + 10*SkillLV
Cast Time: Lv1: 1 sec, Lv2: 1.5 sec, Lv3: 2 sec, Lv4: 2.5 sec, Lv5: 3 sec
Cast Delay: Lv1: 1.1 sec, Lv2: 1.2 sec, Lv3: 1.3 sec, Lv4: 1.4 sec, Lv5: 1.5 sec
Duration: 20*SkillLV sec
Target: Player
Range: 9 cells
Element: None
Catalyst: None
Increase Spiritual Power (Lv3), Angelus (Lv1), Impositio Manus (Lv3)

Skill Description

I Assumptio.png - Any players affected by this skill will have this icon.

The blessing of Virgin Mary. Doubles the target's DEF and MDEF. The persons who receive this will benefit from damage reduction for a limited amount of time. The reduction is 1/2 on normal PvM maps and 1/3 on PvP maps. It is disabled in WoE and GvG maps.

Casting Kyrie Eleison on someone that has Assumptio will cancel Assumptio, likewise casting Assumptio on someone with Kyrie will cancel Kyrie.

Skill Level Cast Time Cast Delay Duration SP Cost
1 1 sec 1.1 sec 20 sec 20 SP
2 1.5 sec 1.2 sec 40 sec 30 SP
3 2 sec 1.3 sec 60 sec 40 SP
4 2.5 sec 1.4 sec 80 sec 50 SP
5 3 sec 1.5 sec 100 sec 60 SP


Other Notes

This skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.


Obtained Via

  • High Priest Card (Premium)/ and its legit version - Small chance to cast Level 1 when hit.
  • 5257.gif Soul Ring - 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 when hit.
  • 1420.gif Long Horn - [+ Valkyrja's Shield] Small Chance of auto casting Level 2 when hit.
  • 2355.gif Angelic Protection - [+ Angel's Reincarnation, Angelic Guard, Angelic Cardigan & Angel's Kiss] 3% chance of auto casting Level 3 when hit.
  • Assumptio Scroll - Casts Level 5 on the user.
  • Baby Set - (Baby Priest) Allows the usage of Level 3.