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Job Type: 2-1 Transcendent SniperF.png SniperM.png
Changes From: Hunter
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 4
Total Skill Points: 107
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+4 +11 +3 +5 +14 +8
One shot, one kill! There is no better explanation than this to describe the Sniper class! The Sniper specializes in assassinating enemies from a distance.


They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. In a Sniper’s hands, the bow is a deadly instrument capable of dealing massive damage and carnage. They gained a new skill called Falcon Assault with the help of his lifelong friend, the falcon. When friendship strengthens, so does their power. They also have skills that amplify their bow mastery, as well as piercing arrow skills.

Changes made to the class:
The following general information for this class has been altered:
  • +3 additional points in DEX and LUK.

The following skills for this class have been altered.

Job Change


For more information about Hunter skills, click Here

Skill Description Levels Type
True Sight.png True Sight
Increases all stats by 5 regardless of skill level. Also increases ATK, Hit, and CRIT for the skill's duration. 10 Supportive
Falcon Assault.png Falcon Assault
Deal a single defense ignoring attack to a target based on casters Dex and Int. 5 Offensive
Sharp Shooting.png Sharp Shooting
Deal up to 350% damage to all targets in a 12x3 area. 5 Offensive
Wind Walk.png Wind Walk
Increase the entire party's move speed and flee for the skills duration. 10 Supportive

Attack Speed

ASPD Modifiers are the same as Hunter.

Weapon Base ASPD From Archer
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -9 0
Dagger -13 +2
Bow -8 +2

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