Soul Linker

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Soul Linker
Job Type: Extended
Changes From: TaeKwon Kid
Changes At: Morroc
Number of Skills: 27
Total Skill Points: 143
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+0 +0 +6 +12 +12 +0


Soul Linkers have given up the way of Taekwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. You must first attain Job Level 40 as a Taekwon Boy or Girl before changing jobs to Soul Linker. Soul Linkers are naturally immune to status cancelling skills such as Dispell, Hermode's Rod, or Flying Kick.


Soul Linkers give up the ways of the TaeKwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. Calling upon the power of the ancestors, they can use various Spirit Link skills to enhance the ability of other players as well as use fancy looking offensive and defensive magic.

Soul Linkers, despite their base being a melee class, are magic casters. Compared to Wizards and Sages, their spells are severly limited on what they can be used on, however, thanks to Warm Wind they can use powerful Holy, Ghost, and Shadow magic attacks, something that Wizards & Sages don't have. Depending on their skill build they must sacrifice something in one aspect or the other of the game, limiting them to only two choices out of PvM or PvP & WoE options. A similarity of Linkers compared to Sages is that both of them can go melee.

They have relatively low HP, but better SP than average. Despite the high SP pool, their spells cost a lot of SP, so INT is often a high priority. On the other hand, many skills do not have extensive cast times (usually at higher levels), resulting in a lower need of DEX compared to other magic-using classes. With some VIT and their defensive magic, coupled with TaeKwon Kid's Break Fall, they can be quite good tankers.

A unique thing about Soul Linkers is that they are naturally immune to Dispell.


The following general information for this class have been altered:

The following skills for this class have been altered. See the corresponding page to find which servers are affected:

Job Change Guide

Job Level: 40
Class: TaeKwon Kid
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 3carat Diamond,
1 Immortal Heart, 

1 Witherless Rose

Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Soul Linker

  1. Find the tavern at 10 o'clock in Morroc (morocc 55,259).
  2. Speak with the "Kid" inside the tavern. She will ask you to bring her some items:
  3. 1 3carat Diamond - available for 55,000z at NPC outside Coal Mine (mjolnir_02) 85, 364.
    • Note: This is non-discountable. Don't bother asking merchant friends or logging in as your merchant alt to buy it.
1 Immortal Heart 
1 Witherless Rose
  1. After you give her the items, she tell you the end of her story. Then, speak with her again, and she will guide the player into their own mind. Speak with each of the NPCs (Monk Spirit, Alchemist Spirit, and Sage Spirit).
  2. Then, speak with the Kid again.
  3. The player will be promoted to Soul Linker after embracing the requests of the spirits.


Skill Description Levels Type
File:Eska.png Eska
Force a monster into a status similar to Monk's Steel Body, in which Movement and Attack Speed is reduced, but Defense and Magic Defense will be temporarily enhanced. 3 Offensive
File:Eske.png Eske
Increase targeted monster's ATK 4x, but reduce its DEF by half. Following the casting of this skill Esma can be used for the next 3 secs. 3 Offensive
File:Esma.png Esma
This is a very strong bolt type spell that can change element of its attack depending on Warm Wind. This skill can only be used within 3 seconds of casting any of the Spirit Link Spells, or after having cast Estin, Estun or Eske. 10 Offensive
File:Estin.png Estin
Push back a targeted monster 2 cells away. Only Small sized monsters are damaged by this skill, which takes the elemental property of the Warm Wind skill if it is cast. At skill level 7, after casting Estin there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. 7 Offensive
File:Estun.png Estun
Stun a monster by chance for 2 seconds. Only Medium sized monsters are damaged by this skill, which takes the elemental property of the Warm Wind skill if it is cast. At skill level 7, after casting Estun there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. 7 Offensive
File:Eswoo.png Eswoo
Temporarily shrink a monster to reduce its Movement Speed. Boss monsters will only be shrunk for 1/5th of the normal skill duration. If this skill is cast on a monster that is already shrunken, the caster will be inflicted by the Stun status and the targeted monster will recover from Shrunken status more quickly. 7 Offensive
File:Kaahi.png Kaahi
Consume a certain amount of SP to restore HP each time an enemy uses a normal attack. Kaahi heals regardless of whether or not the attack hits. 7 Active
File:Kaina.png Kaina
Increase Max SP and enhance the efficiency of the Enjoyable Rest skill. At Base Level 70, this skill reduces the SP consumption of the Estin, Estun and Esma skills by 3% in proportion to the skill level of Kaina. At Base Level 80, this SP consumption is reduced by 5% and at Level 90, it is reduced by 7% (for a total of 49% reduction). 7 Passive
File:Kaite.png Kaite
Reflect most magic spells back at the original caster. Reflected Healing spells will not heal the original caster. The magic spells of monsters above level 80 or boss monsters cannot be reflected, although this skill has a 100% chance of reflecting spells from other players regardless of level. Does not stack with High Priest's Assumptio or Crusader's Devotion, but works with Kyrie Eleison and Kaupe. 7 Active
File:Kaizel.png Kaizel
Instantly revive a fallen character that will be in Kyrie Eleison status for 3 Seconds upon revival. This revival status lasts for 30 minutes and is canceled after the target gets resurrected. This skill is disabled during WoE (Guild War). Cast Time is not affected by DEX. 7 Active
File:Kaupe.png Kaupe
Kaupe status enables the chance of dodging any physical attack or magical attack from an enemy and lasts until the 10 minute duration elapses or until character successfully dodges an attack. 3 Active
File:Rebirth Spirit.png Rebirth Spirit
Imbues High First Classes with the Spirit of the 1st Transcendent, giving them special powerfull buffs that last until the Spirit buff runs out. 5 Active
File:Alchemist Spirit.png Alchemist Spirit
Imbues Alchemists with Spirit State: Increase effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by blvl%. Enables use of Berserk Pitcher. Enables use of Spiritual Potion Creation. 5 Active
File:Assassin Spirit.png Assassin Spirit
Imbues Assassins with Spirit State: Doubles Sonic Blow damage outside WoE. Multiples Sonic Blow damage by 1.25x in WoE. 5 Active
File:Bard and Dancer Spirits.png Bard and Dancer Spirits
Imbues any Bard or Dancer with Spirit State: Performance skills affect the user. Allows use of opposite class's linked performance skill if level 10 of own's skill is learned. Reduces movement speed penalty when using performance skills (no penalty at level 10). 5 Active
File:Blacksmith Spirit.png Blacksmith Spirit
Imbues Blacksmiths with Spirit State: Enables use of Full Adrenaline Rush. 5 Active
File:Crusader Spirit.png Crusader Spirit
Imbues Crusaders with Spirit State: Doubles Shield Boomerang damage, never misses, and halves aftercast delay. 5 Active
File:Hunter Spirit.png Hunter Spirit
Imbues Hunters with Spirit State: STR increases effectiveness of Beast Bane. Enables use of Beast Strafing. 5 Active
File:Knight Spirit.png Knight Spirit
Imbues Knights with Spirit State: Enables use of One-Hand Quicken. 5 Active
File:Monk Spirit.png Monk Spirit
Imbues any Monk with Spirit State: Combo Finish becomes 5x5 cell splash attack. Decrease SP cost of combo skills. Enable SP Regeneration during Critical Explosion or within 5 minutes after usage of Guillotine Fist. 5 Active
File:Priest Spirit.png Priest Spirit
Imbues Priests with Spirit State: Holy Light damage and SP cost multiplied by 5. 5 Active
File:Rogue Spirit.png Rogue Spirit
Imbues Rogues and Stalkers with Spirit State: Immune to Dispell. Greatly increases healing of ranked White Potions. Flying Side Kick from enemies will not remove Soul Linker buffs if Preserve is learned. Greatly increase movement speed while using Chase Walk. 5 Active
File:Sage Spirit.png Sage Spirit
Imbues Sages and Scholars with Spirit State: Auto Spell drops the highest level bolt the player has learned in the respective bolt skill. 5 Active
File:Soul Linker Spirit.png Soul Linker Spirit
Imbues Soul Linkers with Spirit State: Allows K-skills to be used on other players. Cannot self-target. 5 Active
File:Super Novice Spirit.png Super Novice Spirit
1% chance to erase death record of target Super Novice to enable +10 to all stats if job level is 70 or higher. Imbues Super Novices with Spirit State: Allows equipping of all headgears if base level is 90 or higher. Allows equipping of all level 4 Daggers, 1-handed Swords, Axes, Maces, and Staves if base level is 96 is higher. 5 Active
File:Star Gladiator Spirit.png Star Gladiator Spirit
Imbues TaeKwon Masters with Spirit State: Enables one use of Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars. 5 Active
File:Wizard Spirit.png Wizard Spirit
Imbues the Wizards with Spirit State: Eliminate or reduce gemstone consumption of skills. Prevent reflected damage from Kaite by consuming a Crystal Fragment each time. 5 Active

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