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Job Type: Novice NoviceF.png NoviceM.png
Changes From: None
Changes At: Training Grounds
Number of Skills: 1
Total Skill Points: 9
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
After wandering, jobless, he/she sees an official notice for recruiting adventurers, posted by King Tristan 3rd. The notice says, 'You can have different types of jobs depending on your effort'. He/She picks his/her body up, the body that usually doesn't move, and steps into the world of adventure. Without money, and just the Knife and Cotton Shirt given by the King, he/she sets out to the tough battle against monsters.

They have no special skills, but there is the determination to achieve something with every movement of the knife.


The Novice is the starting point for all characters in Ragnarok Online. When you create a new character, you may choose from different Hairstyles and Hair colors. Novices do not incur any EXP penalty upon death, and regain 50% HP when re spawning. You may also choose which starting Stats to have. Once Job Level 10, Novices can change into one of the following First Classes:

Alternatively, they can choose to become one of the Expanded Classes:

Further, if the player can't decide which job to pick, they can stay Novice and level up until level 45 and change to:

Changes made to the class:

Job Change

There is no guide as this is the very first job a player starts off with.


Skill Description Levels Type
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill
Enables the use of Basic Interface Skills such as Trading, Kafra use and Chatroom and Party creation. 9 Passive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Base Level
First Aid.png First Aid
Consume 3 SP to restore 5 HP. 1 Supportive 4 First Aid Quest
Trick Dead.png Trick Dead
Pretend to fall dead on the ground, becoming immune from all attacks from Players and monsters. 1 Supportive 4 Play Dead Quest

Attack Speed

Weapon Base ASPD
Bare Handed 156
Shield -10
Dagger -15
Sword (One Handed) -17
Axe (One Handed) -10
Mace -10
Rod (One Handed) -25

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Class Guides

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