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Job Type: 2-2 Transcendent StalkerF.png StalkerM.png
Changes From: Rogue
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 4
Total Skill Points: 16
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+9 +11 +4 +3 +12 +6
The love of pursuit and the thrill of the chase is personified in the elusive Stalker ... Those targeted by a Stalker had best give up all hope of escape. Those that wish to capture a Stalker should simply accept defeat. Undetectable and not capturable, Stalkers specialize in spying, harassing, chasing and shaking off enemies.


They were originally trained to spy upon the Assassins for the Rogue guild but refusing, they now roam alone through the lands.

A Stalker is the Transcendent variant of Rogues. Most melee classes try to avoid them like the plague in fear of getting fully divested and then clobbered by one of their many copied skills during WoE. Stalkers are geared more towards PvP and WoE, however most builds can do PvM just as well.

Their main forte is the now improved intimidating capability. They can opt to keep any skill gained via Intimidate by simply casting Preserve. Most prefer to intimidate Bowling Bash, it works well with most of their builds. One of their other favored skills is Storm Gust being cast at its lowest level, which -usually executed after Strip Armor or Full Strip- will render most targets immobile in PvP environment.

Their stealth capability also has been improved thanks to the skill Chase Walk, complementing Tunnel Drive well. Although being prone to AoE skills, it makes the caster impervious to detection skills like Sight while also being able to move relatively faster than during stalk. This makes Stalkers one of the two most preferred classes (the other being the Assassin Cross) for guild leaders, by utilizing Emergency Call behind enemy lines after successfully avoiding detection. Slap on a Guard of the Deaf that will render them immune to magic, and they are nearly unstoppable in their tracks.

Changes made to the class:
The following skills for this class have been altered.

Job Change


For more information about Rogue skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Reject Sword.png Reject Sword
Parry up to 3 attacks, reflecting some of the received damage back to the enemy. 5 Active
Full Strip.png Full Strip
Simultaneously remove an enemy's Helm, Armor, Weapon and Shield by chance. 5 Active
Preserve.png Preserve
Prevents a stalker from learning a new skill from Plagiarism for 10 min. 1 Active
Chase Walk.png Chase Walk
Hides the stalker and makes the stalker immune to any detecting skills. 5 Active

Attack Speed

ASPD Modifiers are the same as Rogue.

Weapon Base ASPD From Thief
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -5 +1
Dagger -5 +3
Sword (One Handed) -10 0
Axe (One Handed) -159 -139
Bow -10 +3

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