Fire Bolt

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Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt Skill Info
Fire Bolt Info.gif
Fire Bolt
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 10 + 2*SkillLV
Cast Time: Lv1: 0.7 sec, Lv2: 1.4 sec, Lv3: 2.1 sec, Lv4: 2.8 sec, Lv5: 3.5 sec, Lv6: 4.2 sec, Lv7: 4.9 sec, Lv8: 5.6 sec, Lv9: 6.3 sec, Lv10: 7 sec
Cast Delay: Lv1: 1 sec, Lv2: 1.2 sec, Lv3: 1.4 sec, Lv4: 1.6 sec, Lv5: 1.8 sec, Lv6: 2 sec, Lv7: 2.2 sec, Lv8: 2.4 sec, Lv9: 2.6 sec, Lv10: 2.8 sec
Duration: None
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Element: Fire Property
Catalyst: None

Skill Description

Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Fire property Bolt per Skill Leel for 1 * MATK damage each. Although the animation shows numerous bolts hitting the target one after another, they "all" connect at the same time in one bundle of damage.

Level 12345678910
Number of Hits 12345678910
Cast Time (sec)
Cast Delay (sec)
SP Cost 12141618202224262830

Other Notes

This skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.


Obtained Via