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Teleportation.png Teleportation Skill Info
There is no alternative name to this skill.
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 2
SP Cost: 11 - SkillLV
Cast Time: Instant
Cast Delay: None
Duration: None
Target: Self
Range: None
Element: None
Catalyst: None
Ruwach (Lv1)

Skill Description

Instantly moves the caster to a different location.

At Level 1, you can teleport to a random spot on the same map. At Level 2, you can choose to teleport to your Save Point. When Teleportation is actually cast, a window will appear showing the available options (including cancel).

You must actually select an option by clicking or with the up/down arrow keys and pressing enter for the effect to occur. Once you actually teleport, you will count as having "just entered the map". This means that Aggressive monsters won't see you for 3 seconds or until you move.

  • This skill "targets the ground" when activated, so it is unusable when standing on Land Protector.
  • This skill is disabled in PvP and WoE.

Other Notes

This skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.



Obtained Via