Acolyte Training Quest

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Class: Acolyte
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Decayed Nail
Items: Flail -OR- Wand, 1 Blue Potion, 1 Well-Baked Cookie
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Eir: 35,000

Loki: 700,000
Tyr: 700,000

Eir: 30,000

Loki: 600,000
Tyr: 600,000

  • Tip: If you are planning to be a Monk, you can leave this quest unfinished until ready to job change. That way, you will have a free and easy warp to the Monastery when you're ready to change

1. Go to the Prontera Church, and head to the room on to the right where the Acolyte Job Change is.

2. Next to the woman that gives Holy Light is Priest Praupin. Talk to him and he will tell you about needing to learn much about being an Acolyte. He will give you the option of warping to Saint Capitolina Monastery, also known as "Old Prontera" (the Monk Job Change map).

3. At the Abbey, go all the way east then south into the building then out the south exit. Take a quick left and there will be a female priestess named Asthe (Located at 229, 106) inside a ring of flower beds. Talk to her and you will be asked which skill is the most important for Acolytes. Answer Heal.

  • Note: It is required that you have at least Level 1 Heal.

4. After your conversation with her, she will ask you to deliver a letter to Priest Gardon.

5. Enter the building through the south exit and enter the lower-left room. Deliver the letter to Priest Gardon. After he finishes talking, he explains about the Zombie Problem in Payon and tells you to go there and kill Zombies and Skeletons.

6. After obtaining the required items, talk to him again. He will thank you for saving the citizens of Payon from danger and will reward you with:

1 Blue Potion
  • 200,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 10,000 Base Experience (Eir)
  • 200,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 10,000 Job Experience (Eir)

7. Go back to Asthe for a lesson about Blessing. After her lesson, she will give you some Dog Food to feed a Dog at the cemetery at north. As soon as you walk pass the gate, you will hear a sound by the window.

8. Keep heading north until you reach the graveyard. Give the Dog (Located at 234, 245) a treat.

9. After you feed the dog, talk to the Ill Girl (Located at 225, 257). She will talk to you about how her sister was attacked and poisoned and how her body feels heavy. You find her body being tormented by a cursed spirit.

10. Head back to Asthe for guidance. She will say that this is a test from God and you will find the answer.

11. Go to the Ill Girl and choose Blessing! from the list of skills. Depending on the level of Blessing used, it may take multiple times to work so keep using Blessing until she's cured. Upon succeeding, you will be rewarded with:

  • 100,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000 Job Experience (Eir)
  • Note: It is required that you have at least Level 1 Blessing.

12. Talk to Asthe once again, and she will discuss Divine Protection, Demon Bane, Signum Crucis and Angelus. She will take a break before her discussion of Increase Agility, Decrease Agility and Cure.

13. After that, she will talk about Ruwach, Teleportation and Warp Portal. Finally, she will talk about Pneuma. After your long lessons with her, she will ask you to deliver 5 parcels to different people on specific order to deliver them.

  • a) Veiner - A worker in the north. He is located at (St. Capitolina Abbey 197, 228).
  • b) Hedrick - Near the convent entrance. He is located at (St. Capitolina Abbey 28, 260).
  • c) Weapon Dealer - From the Blacksmith Guild who makes weapons and armors for Monks. She is located at (St. Capitolina Abbey 135, 263).
  • d) Priest Karven - Take the north entrance (St. Capitolina Abbey 245, 140) of the building next to Asthe. He is located at (monk_in 102,175).
  • e) Priest Praupin, the man in the Prontera church that warped you to the convent.

14. After your conversation with her, you will receive the following items:

Letter from Sister
Mother's Letter
2 Delivery Boxes

15. Deliver the first Delivery Box to Veiner. Then, head to Hedrick and deliver his Mother's Letter to him. He will thank you for your efforts and you will receive:

1 Well-Baked Cookie

16. Head to the Weapon Dealer and she will automatically talk to you and take the last Delivery Box. Head to back to the building near Asthe and search for Priest Karven. Deliver the Letter from Sister to him.

16. Head back to Prontera Church to deliver the Receipt to Priest Praupin. He will thank you for your efforts and give you a choice of either taking:

Wand [2] -or-
Flail [2]

17. Talk to him again and he will warp you back to the St. Capitolina Abbey. Head back to Asthe. She will talk about Aqua Benedicta. After your lessons, talk to her one last time and you will receive:

  • 500,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 25,000 (Eir) Base Experience
  • 300,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 15,000 (Eir) Job Experience

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