Swordman Training Quest

From Revival Ragnarok Online
Class: Swordman
Items: Muffler [0], Scimitar [2]
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Eir: 24,150

Loki: 483,000
Tyr: 483,000


1. Go to Izlude and head to the Swordman Association Building (Located at 52, 140). Enter the building and talk to Shurank at the bottom-right corner of the building. Talk to him and he will tell you to get the Bash skill to level 10.

2. Once you have the skill mastered, talk to him again and he will reward you with:

Muffler [0]. 
  • 97,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 4,850 (Eir) Base Experience

3. Before he teaches you Provoke, he will send you on a quest to help someone named Dequ'ee in Geffen to investigate a murder. Go to Geffen and find Dequ'ee (Located at 154, 143). You will need to tell him this message:

  • What happened to the murderer? Did you find out who he is? If you did, what are we suppose to do now?

If you successfully relayed the message to him, he will reward you with:

  • 112,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,600 (Eir) Base Experience

4. You will be warped back to Izlude. Head back to Shurank and he will require you to learn 5 levels of Provoke. Once you've done this, he will reward you with:

  • 112,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,600 (Eir) Base Experience

5. Once done, he will ask you to learn at least 1 Level of Endure. After learning the skill, Shurank' once again asks you to go to Geffen to talk to Dequ'ee.

6. Talk to Dequ'ee, and he'll send you on a mission to investigate four suspects in Morocc. You will be automatically warped to Sograt Desert 07. From there, take the south portal to enter the city of Morocc.


  • Geil at 51, 100 - Inside the lower left room of the Southern Morocc Inn (Located at 197 66).
  • Bankley at 11, 156 - Inside the lower left room of a Morocc building (Located at 98, 68).
  • Muetro at 82, 292
  • Hans at 240, 72


  • Geil: TheisWesomeof
  • Bankley: hekdlfiDrindkelsd
  • Muetro: ConBanfoevidehi
  • Hans: victkleyundncem

7. After you talk to all of them, go back to Geffen and chat with Dequ'ee. He will ask you for the suspect's codes so make sure to write it down exactly as it is. You will then have to place the codes in the correct order for this choose 'Geil', Muetro, Hans, Bankley respectively. For the murderer, pick Bankley. He will reward you with:

  • 162,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 8,100 (Eir) Base Experience

8. After your discussions with him, he will ask you to go back to Morroc again and keep an eye on Bankley the murderer. You'll be warped back to one map north of Morroc again. You will discover that Bankley ended his life.

9. Go back and talk to Dequ'ee again. He will thank you for your efforts and automatically warp you back to Izlude.

10. Go back to the Swordsman Association Building and talk to Shurank again. Once you're done listening to him and all of his lectures, he'll give you a:

Scimitar [2]. 

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