Archer Training Quest

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Class: Archer
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Tentacles, 1 Crystal Blue, 5 Maneater Blossom, 20 Stem
Items: Great Bow [2], 800 Fire Arrow, 500 Iron Arrow, 10 Red Potion, 10 Fly Wing, 1 Butterfly Wing
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Eir: 32,500

Loki: 650,000
Tyr: 650,000

Eir: 27,500

Loki: 550,000
Tyr: 550,000

1. Go to Archer Village and enter the Archer Job Change building (Located at 142, 162). Talk to Bard Jet and he will ask you to make up a joke. Continue your conversation with him and he will mention that he is a member of an Archer's Guild named 'Icarus'. He will tell you to visit there for more information.

2. Leave the building and head over to the Archer's Guild (Located at Archer Village 96, 168) which is a building to the west. Enter the building and talk to Master Kavaruk and select the option "Talk about Archers". He gives you a letter to deliver to Seisner.

3. Leave the building and search for Seisner (Located at Archer Village 83, 138). She teaches you general knowledge about Archers and Archer's Stats. Show her the letter and you will receive:

  • 50,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 2,500 (Eir) Job Experience

4. Talk to Seisner until she tells you to go back to Master Kavaruk. Go back to him and "Talk about Archers" again. He will direct you to Reidin Corse (Located at Archer Village 103, 164) just right outside the Archer Guild building.

5. Talk to Reidin Corse and agree to call him "Chief". Always pick the response with the word "Chief" on it whenever possible. Your first task is to get your Owl's Eye to at Level 3. He suggests that you to train in Prontera Field 09 and kill Condors. Once you have met his requirements, he will reward you with:

  • 50,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 2,500 (Eir) Base Experience
  • Note: If you chose to follow his advice, he will automatically send you to Prontera. From there you will have to travel 2 Maps South, 1 Map East to reach your destination.

6. Talk to him again and he starts his lesson on Vulture's Eye. He suggests that you kill Mandragoras at Mt. Mjolnir. To aid you on killing these monsters, he will give you :

300 Fire Arrows

7. When you get your Vulture's Eye to at least Level 3, go back to Reidin Corse and he will reward you with:

500 Fire Arrows

8. Talk to him again and he will tell you about Double Strafing and your next task. This time, he will give you a midterm exam. He will ask you to slay Hydras in Byalan Dungeon. He'll ask for the following items:

10 Tentacles
1 Crystal Blue. 

9. Once you have gathered all the items needed, return to Reidin Corse and he will reward you with:

Great Bow [2]
  • 100,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000 (Eir) Base Experience
  • 100,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000 (Eir) Job Experience

10. Talk to him again and he will talk to you about Attention Concentrate. He will then give you a final exam. He will tell you to kill Floras at Mt. Mjolnir. He will mention an Acolyte (Located at 27, 223) friend who can assist you there. Before leaving, he will give you the following items:

10 Red Potion
10 Fly Wing
1 Butterfly Wing

11. At Mt. Mjolnir, gather the following items:

5 Maneater Blossom
20 Stem

12. Once you have gathered all the items needed, return to Reidin Corse and he will reward you with:

500 Iron Arrow
  • 300,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 15,000 (Eir) Base Experience
  • 300,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 15,000 (Eir) Job Experience

13. Head back to Master Kavaruk at the Archer's Guild building and "Talk about Archers". He will tell you that you are great as you are now. Talk to him again and "Ask about recent news". He will ask you to find Arthail of the Wind, a messenger for the Archer's Guild.

  • Note: If Master Kavaruk did not ask you to assist Arthail but instead talked about the troubles of the Alchemist Guild, keep selecting "Ask about recent news" until he asks you to assist the bard. You can still help the Alchemist Guild later.

14. Head to Prontera and search for Arthail (Located at 127, 335) at the northern parts of Prontera. He will ask for your assistance on gathering the latest news.

15. Talk to the New Guild Master in Prontera (Located at 166, 281) south-east of the hand monument, which is north of the fountain. He will talk about finding an Emperium. Afterwards, talk to the Mage (Located at 145, 301) which is north-west of the hand monument. Go back to Arthail after talking to the Mage.

16. He will talk to you until he falls asleep. While you are relaxing at the sound of the river flowing, you will hear a scream coming from the palace.

17. Head to the Prontera Castle and head to the Throne Room (2 warps north). Talk to the Minister (Located at 76,164). He will tell you about the Wild Roses running wild inside the castle. Before leaving, he will tell you to head to Prontera Church urgently. Talk to him again until he won't give you any more information.

18. Exit the castle and head to the Prontera Church (Located at 234, 314) and enter the room to the right. Talk to Priest Praupin. He will tell you to go talk to Bishop Maugins who is currently away at the St. Capitolina Abbey.

  • Note:St. Capitolina Abbey is 2 Maps North, 3 Maps East from Prontera or alternatively, you can travel 1 Map East, 1 Map North, and 2 Maps East from Prontera.
  • Note:2 If Priest Praupin simply says "May you be blessed...", head directly to Bishop Maugins.

19. Once you're at St. Capitolina Abbey, head to the building located south of the map (St. Capitolina Abbey 245, 104). Once inside, enter the west room and talk to Bishop Maugins. Ask him about the castle. Talk to him until he tells you to come back later.

20. Go back and talk to the Minister in the Prontera Castle again and he'll tell you that "The royal family is extremely busy at the moment handling our nation's administration."

21. Go back and talk to Arthail again and tell him about the information you gathered while he was asleep. He will tell you to go back to Master Kavaruk.

22. Go back to the Archer Guild's building and talk to Master Kavaruk and "Ask about recent news". He will thank you for your efforts and reward you with:

  • 200,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 10,000 (Eir) Base Experience
  • 100,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000 (Eir) Job Experience

Helping The Alchemist Guild

1. At the Archer Village, talk to the Alchemist Guildmember (Located at 125, 111) behind a fruit stand.

2. He'll ask for your assistance in gathering Maneater Blossoms and Stems.

3. Once you bring him the Manteater Blossoms and Stems, he'll offer to buy them from you.

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