Swordman Job Change Guide

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Job Level: 10
Class: Novice
Items: Loki Only -- 1 Swordman Card Box, 1 1 Hour Package Vol 2, 1 Swordman Package
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Swordman

1. In Izlude, enter the Swordsman Guild on the west side of town (Located at 52,137). Talk to the Swordman NPC in the center room behind the desk, then the guard to the west. This guard will transfer you to a new room.

2. Talk to the guard here to initiate the test.

3. First Map: A simple map. Just walk to the other side. If you fall you will be sent back to the beginning.

4. Second Map: This map involves two parallel bridges. Take your time and be careful not to fall off. You don't have to hold the mouse button down to walk.

5. Third Map: Similar to the first map except for the upper and lower levels. The lower level has a darker color than the upper level. Take your time and click carefully to get to the lower level. ~At the point where there is a gap in the top level, simply click on the lower level, and you will jump down. Then do the same to get back up.

6. After exiting the test maps, speak to the large Swordsman in the main room to become a Swordsman.

  • Upon successful completion of the Swordsman Job Change quest, you are awarded with these items
1 Swordman Card Box
1 Hour Package Vol 2
1 Swordman Package

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