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Job Level: 10
Class: Novice
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Iron Ore and a Phracon (iRO Only) OR 10 Cyfar and 2 Phracon (Others)
Zeny: 20
Items: Asura [2]
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Ninja

1. Once the player is Job Level 10 and has Basic Skills maxed, make your way to Amatsu by speaking to the NPC named Akagi located at (30,63) in Alberta.

2. Akagi will warp Job Level 10 Novices to Amatsu for free. Note that the location in Amatsu that he warps to appears to be random and does include an unwalkable area at (178,167). If stuck in this location re-logging will fix the problem.

3. Find the house located at (147,136) and enter. The house will appear to look empty. However, if you move to the back of the room, you will see a path. Follow this to a portal.

4. Once inside, talk to Cougar near the portal (que_ng 30,65). He will blab on and requires you to find Wildcat Joe in Einbroch.

5. (iRO Only) Talk to Cougar again and he will warp you to Einbroch. This will require 2,000 Zeny or a Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation.

6. In Einbroch, find the tower somewhere in the middle of the town. A man in front (einbroch 176,172), or in back (einbroch 173, 229), will warp you up to the top for 10 Zeny. The NPC that the player needs to find is sitting near the bottom right of the tower (einbroch 181,196).

7. Help him and he will ask you to either:

(iRO Only) Find a seal under the Red Tree one map south of Einbroch and at the bottom (on the left side of the small area at the bottom of the map or "ein_fild08 137,45"). It may take a number of attempts in order to find the seal.
(Others) Collect 5 Cyfar and a Phracon (for making a Kunai).

8. Upon returning to him after completing the task, he will reveal himself as Wildcat Joe. He will give you a reply, and warp you to Amatsu. At this point return to Couger in the ninja guild.

9. Talk to Cougar and he will request 5 Iron Ore and a Phracon (iRO Only) OR 5 Cyfar and and a Phracon (Others). (these will not be removed from the player's inventory). The player will then become a Ninja after finishing talking to the NPC.

You will receive an Asura [2].

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