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About Amatsu

The Land of Destiny

Long ago , sailors from Alberta told of an interesting tale.

The tale was about a seaman who suffered through a violent storm. His ship was badly damaged and drifted farther out to sea. The ship drifted aimlessly until it eventually washed up on a foggy, hurricane-riddled land. The seaman decided to explore. He had never seen a land like this before. As he wandered all over the island, he saw that this was a very exotic place, full of strange plants and odd-looking houses.

Locals living on this island immediately noticed the lost stranger. Feeling pity for the stranger, they offered him food, water and shelter. After some time had passed, the seaman was able to repair his ship and return to his home of Alberta. Years later, after he had passed away of old age in his home, villagers found his nautical charts aboard his old ship. The charts kept account of his journeys, described of the mysterious island, and showed the nautical route from the island and the dangers that awaited those who dared to adventure there.

The charts were copied and brought to Tristram III, the King of Rune-Midgarts. King Tristram III announced to his people that if anyone who could gather more information about this land, he would be well rewarded. Since then, many adventurers and brave captains alike have ventured into the sea to discover more information about this land. Of these, all have failed. One day an adventurer, from the mountain region of Payon, took a ship and headed toward the island alone. Others paid no mind to this adventurer because they didn`t believe someone who lived in the mountains had a chance of surviving at sea. The adventurer experienced harsh storms and choppy waves on his voyage, but reached the new land and studied it carefully. After researching the land for some time, he proudly came back with a documented account of his travels. King Tristram III congratulated him on his success. The route that the adventurer took eventually became the official passage to this island.

Over time, people became familiar with the exotic culture of the island. As they learned more about it, they learned of its name, Amatsu. They also discovered a castle to the east named, Lakeside Castle. This new discovery encouraged many adventurers, who had become weary of the Emperium Wars and the Heart of Ymir, to start adventuring once again.

5 Years later...

Official trade opened between Rune-Midgarts and Amatsu and as the trading flourished, both cultures began to adapt to each other.


Amatsu Dungeon

The castle dungeon has been known as the "Tatami Dungeon". It is said that the floor of the dungeon consists of Tatami and many doors. Before you go into the dungeon, you should be aware of one thing: Not everything you see with the naked eye is as you think. Some passageways could lead you to a dead end or you may pass through walls. If you carefully watch your step, you may be able to figure out where you are or where you should go
If you successfully pass through the Tatami maze, you will find yourself in a dungeon appropriately named the "Underground Battle Field". It is a gruesome place where many battles have taken place.
The last floor of the dungeon, called the "Underground Shrine", is beyond the Underground Battle Field. It is also known as the "Haunted Shrine" as it was sealed and forgotten by those who once kept watch over it. One day the secret of the shrine may be found, but for now, the shrine chills the blood of those who gaze upon its grim exterior.


The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RebirthRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Amatsu, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki

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