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About Louyang

Louyang is a town done in the style of China. It has a dungeon and one field map, which is very popular for leveling (and Dead Branching). To get to Louyang, you must pay the NPC at the Alberta docks 10,000 Zeny. Alternatively, you can use the Warpra. Louyang boasts vast fields and tall mountains. Beyond the grand northern walls of the field lies the glorious Castle of the Dragon, capital of Louyang. Majestic in its size and architecture, this city is guaranteed to awe any visitor (best viewed from Louyang’s sightseeing tower). However, deep beneath the beautiful Castle of the Dragon is a dark crypt teeming with unspeakable horrors.


The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RebirthRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Louyang, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki