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About Ayothaya

Designed after Ancient Thai style. Ayothaya is a magnificent city off the coast of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. A peaceful village located in a deep forest near the river. Many houses are built on stilts above the calm waters. At the north end of the village lies a golden shrine, adorned with precious jewels and guarded by grand statues. However, just nearby is an ancient ruin, and within its depths dwell monsters never before seen in Midgard.. To access the dungeon, you must complete a quest. To get to Ayothaya, you must pay the NPC at the docks in Alberta 10,000 Zeny. Alternatively, you can use a Warpra.


The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RebirthRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Ayothaya, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki