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Job Level: 40
Class: Archer
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Zeny: Varies
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Dancer

1. Whenever the player considers herself ready to become a Dancer, head to Comodo. Near the Kafra employee, there will be a male NPC named Bor Robin who will grant entrance into the Dancer Quest area.

2. Upon heading inside, talk to Aile to the left side of the stage. She will ask the player to bring one of the following set of items:

  1. 1 Sandals [0], 10 Black Hair, 20 Jellopy, 5 Yellow Potion, 2 Clam Shell
  2. 1 Shoes [0], 20 Sticky Mucus, 3 Jellopy, 5 Red Potion
  3. 1 Boots [0], 5 Earthworm Peeling, 10,000 Zeny
  • Note: The NPC will not actually take these items.

3. Once finished signing up, it's time to head to the right side of the stage and talk to Bijou to take the quiz.

4. The quiz involves a simple Q & A session. Getting 80% correct is required to pass this part of the exam. For reference, the following are the questions that are asked for this section of the exam. (The wording however, may differ)

  • Question Set A
  1. What effect does Dance Lessons have? [Raises effects of dance skills]
  2. What is the dance called where you wear shoes that make a sound and dance a light rhythm? [Tapdance]
  3. Select the characteristic that a dancer doesn't have. [Wields a 2-handed sword]
  4. Which town has the most dancers? [Comodo]
  5. Who dances the most beautifully? [Bijou]
  6. What do dancers excel at more than other jobs? [Dancing]
  7. Who is the manager of the Comodo casino? [Moo]
  8. Which item can a dancer not equip? [Two-handed sword]
  9. Is this test boring? [No]
  10. Which of the following is not a Jazz musician? [(the correct answer is displayed upon scrolling down once, but regardless the answer is fairly obvious)]
  • Question Set B
  1. What effect does the bard/dancer ensemble Classic Pluck have? [Nullifies all magic in 9x9 area]
  2. After dancing on the dance floor, how should you act to your dancing partner? [Say that you're still insufficient]
  3. If someone is dancing wrong, what should you do? [Point out the mistake]
  4. Where do you change to a dancer? [Comodo]
  5. How many caves are there in Comodo? [3]
  6. Which of the following is not a pet? [Argiope]
  7. Who is the best dancer? [Bijou]
  8. The Kafra service in Comodo is provided by which branch? [Kafra service western branch]
  9. What is my name? [Bijou]
  10. What does Lullaby do? [Area effect of sleep]
  • Question Set C
  1. What does the dance Lady Luck do? [Increases critical rate]
  2. Which of the following is not a dance? [Lightning Bolt]
  3. Which of the following describes a dancer? [A person who dances]
  4. Which of the following is not typical of Commodo? [There are a lot of thieves]
  5. What is the place west of Faros Lighthouse Island called? [Kokomo Beach]
  6. Who dances the most beautifully? [Bijou]
  7. Which of the following jobs can a dancer combo with? [Bard]
  8. Which of the following is not a specialty of Comodo? [Shining stones]
  9. Who is the manager of the Commodo casino? [Moo]
  10. Who is the person in charge of the dancing school applications? [Aier]

5. After passing the quiz, Bijou will send the player to Dance on the stage. At this point one should make sure to equip a Bow and some arrows and then head behind the stage to meet another NPC with a "Waiting Room" chat window above her head. Entering the chatroom will put the player on queue for the trial.

6. The exam is a simple test of movement and quick responses. Hotkeying Arrow Shower or Double Strafe and Attention Concentrate is suggested.

  • Note: there's a poring at the end that has to be killed with a bow. Using Attention Concentrate is optional, even though the NPC will ask for it.

The Dancing pattern is as follows.

  1. Back
  2. Front
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Center
  6. Pose (just remain on the tile)
  7. Attention Concentrate
  8. Left
  9. Front
  10. Right (NOT Front, Right as iRO in-game dialogue says!)
  11. Pose (just remain on the tile)
  12. Left, Center, Right, Back
  13. Right
  14. Left, Center, Front, Back
  15. Left, Center, Front, Back
  16. Front
  17. Left
  18. Center
  19. Arrow Shower or Double Strafe

For those future dancers who are having problems with this part of the test: An effective way to pass this exam is to only perform the first and last steps for sequences with more than two steps, rather than hitting all the tiles. For example: instead of doing "Left Center Right Back" one simply goes from Left to Back.

7. Return to the NPC who gave the quiz for the job change to Dancer. She will reward you with either a Line [3] for Job 50, or a Rope [3] for any job level lower than 50.

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