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Job Level: 40
Class: Merchant
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Alcohol, 1 Detrimindexta, 1 Karvodailnirol
Zeny: 50,000 Zeny
Items: Potion Manual (Varies), Random Ore
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Alchemist

1. Proceed to Al De Baran. The building in the southwest corner is the Alchemist guild (68,56). Inside, talk to the blond female NPC with mini glasses to sign up to become an Alchemist. She will ask you for 50,000 Zeny and one of the following:

7 Berserk Potion 
7500 Fire Arrow 
100 Mini Furnace 
1 Hammer of Blacksmith
1 Old Magicbook

2. Once the player has finished registering, go downstairs to a star-shaped room. Head towards the second room on the right side wall to talk with Rasputin.

3. Rasputin will discuss ill-prepared Alchemists and then give a math oriented exam. This exam consists of two addition-subtraction questions, three multiplication-division questions, two questions pertaining to discount-overcharge, and three questions about the DEF and weight of certain items and armors. The player will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to proceed.

  • Bypassing: If the player has Job 50, they can skip this part of the exam.

Math Questions:

13+25+37+48 = 123
12+23+34+45 = 114
1,000-58-214-416 = 312
1,000-36-227-348 = 389
14*17*3 = 714
12*24*3 = 864
10,530/3/5/2 = 351
9765/3/5/7 = 93
(35*19) - (1,792/7) = 409
(47*28) - (1376/4) = 972
(2,368/8) + (24*17) = 704
(2,646/7) + (13*28) = 742

Discount Questions:

Red Potion (12), Fly Wing (5) Butterfly Wing (1) = 909z
Red Potion (6), Green Potion (7) Fly Wing (8) = 798z
Green Potion (15), Magnifier (6), Trap (4) = 934z

Weight Questions:

3 Ring Pommel Sabers, 4 Caps, 2 Boots = 550
2 Ring Pommel Sabers, 3 Caps, 3 Boots = 480
3 Scimitars, 2 Helms, Coat = 450

Defense Questions:

Buckler, Coat, Gas Mask, Big Ribbon, Fillet, Sakkat, Glasses = 20
Biretta, Manteau, Opera Mask, Ribbon, Muffler, Boots, Earmuffs = 20
Mirror Shield, Leather Jacket, Mr. Smile, Silk Robe, Wedding Veil, Muffler,Eye Patch = 12

Profit Questions:

  • 5 Helms
    Standard price = 44,000z
    24% discount = 33,440z
    20% discount selling price = 35,200z
    Profit (35,200-33,440)*5 = 8,800z
  • 4 Padded Armor
    Standard price = 48,000z
    24% discount = 36,480z
    20% discount selling price = 38,400
    Profit (38,400-36,480)*4 = 7,680z
  • 3 Tights
    Standard price = 71,000
    24% discount = 53,960
    20% discount selling price = 56,800
    Profit (56,800-53,960)*3 = 8,520

4. After passing the quiz, head to the next room and talk with Darwin. He will explain the basics for creating potions.

  • Bypassing: Giving an 'Illusion Flower' to Darwin (by first selecting the flower option when initially speaking to him) will send the player directly to the final NPC in honor of the bribe.

The player will need the following items for this part:

1 Red Herb
1 Yellow Herb
1 White Herb
3 Empty Bottle
3 Medicine Bowl (The 3 Medicine bowls can be bought upstairs from the male Alchemist NPC) 

He will then ask questions regarding potion creation after he explains the process.

5. Move to the next room to meet with Van Hellmont. It is not actually required that the player make counteragents or mixtures, the player just needs these items to do this part of the quest:

1 Alcohol
1 Detrimindextra
1 Karvodailnirol
2 Empty Bottle

6. With these items, head to Alberta Mansion (alberta 102,222) and go upstairs to the second room on the right (alberta_in 133,55). Talk to the NPC near the corner (Louitz) and he will tell the player to talk to Aure Dupon in Geffen.

7. Go to Geffen and talk to the NPC (181,114) near the eastern Kafra, who will tell the player to talk to Morgenstein, the crazy scientist. Morgenstein (141,140) is located on the second floor of the Blacksmith Guild in southeast Geffen (181,62).

8. Talk to the scientist to learn about Counteragents and Mixtures. It is suggested that the player also buy 5 Mini Furnaces while you are in the Blacksmith Guild for another part of the quest. The player can buy these on the first floor of the Blacksmith guild.

9. Head back to Al de Baran to talk with Van Hellmont. He'll ask the player two questions pertaining what was just learned from the Dye quest. For reference:

Dye Quest
Counteragent Detrimindextra (1) + Alcohol (1)
Mixture Karvodailnirol (1) + Alcohol (1)

10. In the next room Nicholas will give simple word puzzles which include unscrambling names and items in Ragnarok and other word related puzzles.

Set 1
Q: m p d i c f a r o g n k w a s A: packman
Q: g b n o p r e f a r e t a s k A: ragnarok
Q: u g n i s j e k c e o g n d p A: opening
Q: r o e h n r o m c a i n p t t A: potionmerchant
Set 2
Q: t m y a n y e o b n e g p r i A: brigan
Q: o n c u t a p j l e r s v m u A: vendor
Q: t v a r m e g p h e u b o y l A: party
Q: q z a h n a i n b r d p t n c A: partizan
Set 3
Q: s m i e x b w u n e t a g i r A: tiger
Q: n i e g b o p d s o a u w r v A: endure
Q: l r m g r e x t a v i n e d e A: evergreen
Q: r o e h n r o m c a i n p t t A: potionmerchant

11. Once finished, talk to him again and he will give the player several items which are needed for the following part of the quest. DO NOT SELL OR STORE THE ITEMS

12. Nicholas will tell the player to go meet Bajin and Bain in Juno. Before heading out, make sure to have the following items along with the items from Nicholas:

5 Coal
5 Mini Furnace
  • 2,000 Zeny

13. Head to Juno, and enter the building in the southwestern area (yuno 52, 105). Go upstairs to find two brothers. Give them all the items and they will attempt to make Gold.

14. Once the experiment is complete, head back to Al De Baran and talk with Nicholas again. This experiment fails most of the time and the player will receive a variety of items from iron ores to gold depending on luck.

15. After this go back to Nicholas and he will tell you to go upstairs.

16. Head to the second floor of the Alchemist guild and talk to the NPC with rainbow colored hair to change jobs. If the player is Job 50, he/she will receive a Condensed Potion Creation Guide (240,000z). If he/she chooses to change to Alchemist at any level lower than 50, he/she will receive a random potion manual which are 100,000z each and sold by the male Alchemist on the ground floor.

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