Chemical Protection Weapon

From Revival Ragnarok Online

None Chemical Protection Weapon Skill Info
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 30
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cast Delay: None
Duration: 120*SkillLV sec
Target: Player
Range: 1 cells
Element: None
Catalyst: 1 Glistening Coat
Status Icon: None
Chemical Protection Armor (Lv3)

Skill Description

Causes an equipped weapon to become unbreakable for the skill's duration, also protects against Rogue skill Strip Weapon.

Skill Level Skill Duration
1 120 seconds
2 240 seconds
3 360 seconds
4 480 seconds
5 600 seconds

Other Notes

On all servers, this skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.



Obtained Via