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King Marcel Marollo III of the Maroll Kingdom has been very sick lately. His majesty declared that he has chosen Prince Guillaume or Prince Croix as the next king amongst his 9 sons. Two kings can't share a nation! Only the victorious one shall be appointed and enthroned to be the next king of Maroll. This battle is not just between the two rivalries but it will also determine the future of the kingdom.

Battlegrounds is a PvP System in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation.

Entering Battlegrounds

To join battle ground press alt+~, there you shall find a "battle" mini icon on the second row (mini icons can be enabled through esc>settings>mini icon - enable "more"). Upon clicking battle, you will open the battle ground window (see below) with four options : Individual, Party, Guild and Tip. The battle grounds operate in a queuing systems, where every participant (either individual or party) is appropriated into the BG queue to Croix or Guilliaume team.
Alternatively, you can also just type @joinbg to quick join a match.
Battlegrounds have 8 different modes, which have been further explained below.

Special Events - Battleground Happy Hour

For one Hour daily, players can earn 50% more badges during the Happy Hours. These are the following (Server Time!):

  • 1 AM
  • 7 AM
  • 12 PM
  • 7 PM

Rules & Features

All Battlegrounds have the same basic set of rules and features.

  • Minimum players required to begin queue are 6 vs 6.
  • Minimum levels required to begin queue are 240.
  • You may sign up for Battlegrounds at any Town map. This includes, well, all towns, as well as the Eden Group maps and most inside-town maps.
    • If you move to a non-town map, your position in the queue will be vacated and you will have to re-join the queue at the end!

  • Team balancing, currently, works "linearly", i.e. it will iterate through the queue adding people to each different team
  • If you queue whilst a game is in progress, and there is room in the game, you will automatically be added to the current game in progress. If the game is full, you be will placed at the end of the queue and must wait until a space becomes available.
  • There will be roughly a 2 minute break between each game in which you can re-supply if you need it. During this time, you may use @veto, which counts a vote against the next game in the rotation. If enough people @veto the next game, it will be skipped. If a game is vetoed, the next game in the rotation cannot be vetoed and will begin within 30 seconds.
  • At any point, you may leave the queue using the Battle button (or typing @leavebg). You can do this inside Battlegrounds as well if you need to leave early.

  • Each team now has a designated "leader" who gain some of the same skill-based buffs as a guild leader does.
  • BG Teams are now also considered as "fake" guilds, so you may now see where each of your teammates are on the mini-map
    • The leader of each team may use @order: this displays a message akin to @guildmes to all people within their team
    • If a player is unhappy with being the leader, they may use @leader to swap leadership to another person on their team.

  • In order to aid teams against AFKers, a system is in place that determines whether or not a player is AFK. The team leader can use @reportafk to kick the person from their team if the system deems them as AFK also.
    • If a player is AFK at the end of a match, the queuing system will automatically remove them during the down-time until the next game starts.

  • Upon entering this area, players are dispelled. This only affects the buffs that can be activated by the player him/herself.
    • Example: A Lord Knight can activate Berserk by themselves, so that skill isn't dispelled. A Priest can't cast Kaizel on him/herself, that that skill will be dispelled.
  • @commands have been disabled to prevent people from using "@die" to abuse the system.
  • Players will now be dispelled of negative effects when leaving Battlegrounds.

  • The Battlegrounds follow the War of Emperium mechanics rather than PvP mechanics.
  • Skill that cannot be used in War of Emperium cannot be used in the battlegrounds (such as Ice Wall, Teleport, and Warp Portal are prohibited). The Taekwon skill High Jump are also prohibited.
  • The use of alts in battlegrounds is strictly prohibited. No matter how good you think you are, or how many arms you can not physically play multiple clients, with your full attention, at the same time.

AFK Mechanism

Adjustments to Battlegrounds AFK punishment system were made. The followings are the punishments for being AFK in the Battlegrounds:

  • 1st Offense:
    • Kick from Battlegrounds
  • 2nd Offense:
    • Kick from Battlegrounds
    • Mute for 30 minutes
  • 3rd Offense:
    • Kick from Battlegrounds
    • Mute for 60 minutes
    • Delete 50 badges from AFK character
    • Ban from entering Battlegrounds for the next 2 hours
  • Further Offense:
    • Kick From Battlegrounds
    • Mute for 60 minutes
    • Delete all badges from the AFK character
    • Ban from entering Battlegrounds for next 1 day



■ The two teams are based on the rivalries of two sons of King Marollo: Prince Croix, and General Guillaume, who are battling for control of the Maroll Kingdom.
■ Players in queue are automatically appropriated into one of the two teams randomly.
■■This means, even if the player chooses to join Battleground in a Party, it still can happen that him/or their party members can be on the enemies side.
Croix team players are denoted by Red colored markers, Guillaume team players are denoted by Blue colored markers in the mini map. Neutral objectives are denoted by Yellow colored markers and Unclaimed objectives are denoted by White colored markers in mini map

Battlegrounds Communication

To talk with other queuing players in battleground queue, use the #battlegrounds channel. All queuing information will be displayed automatically in the #battlegrounds channel. You enable/disable #battleground channel by doing @join #battlegrounds/@part #battlegrounds respectively. Alternatively, You can join #battlegrounds channel through Settings NPC.

Players may also use /battlechat. All text typed in /battlechat will appear Purple, and you will only be able to talk to your team when in /battlechat. Party, Guild, and Open chat will not work until /battlechat is deactivated.

If you happen to be in a Guild normally while doing Battlegrounds, you also can just talk in Guild Chat to communicate with the members of your team.

Battleground Arenas & Modes

Battle grounds are available in 4 different "Arenas" which host 8 battleground modes.

Tierra Gorge

Tierra Gorge

The Tierra Gorge is a very steep canyon with two forts residing north and south ends of the map. There is a ration depot for the Guillaume and Croix armies at the 11 and 8 o'clock directions. There is also a neutral objective in the center of the map at 273, 203. The battle starts at your army's ship and you proceed to your objectives based on battleground mode.

Tierra Gorge hosts 3 types of Battleground modes :

  • Eye of the Storm

This mode is revolved around the neutral objective in the central of the map. The teams contest over the neutral objective and once won, they bring it back to base to increase their score. On repeated actions of the capture, they earn extra points. Winners are the first to get to 99 points!

  • Domination

This is a cross between capture the flag and base capturing. Both bases on the map are considered neutral and may be captured by either team. In the central area of the map is a neutral flag that may be captured and returned to a team's captured base for bonus points. Each captured base generates a score of one per tick, with a captured flag netting the team a bonus score of five! First team to 99 points win!

  • Bossnia

This mode is a mixture of PvP and PvM, with each team having to capture and hold a neutral flag in the middle of the arena.
Capturing this flag makes the opposite team's Boss vulnerable to attacks! Each team has 5 Bosses and they get continually harder each time! After each Boss' death, the central flag returns to neutral, meaning either team must re-capture it in order to damage the opposite team's Boss. Once all 5 Bosses of a team are dead, they are declared the winner



Flavius is the arena King Marcelo built after learning the feud between his sons. There is a crystal area at the horizontal ends of the map, which is connected to the spawning area of the respective team. The battle starts at the spawning area and you proceed to your objectives based on battleground mode.

Flavius hosts 3 types of Battleground modes :

  • Capture the Flag

Each team must work together with their teammates in order to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it to their own! Whilst carrying the flag, your walking speed is reduced and you cannot use any items or skills, and your HP will deplete rapidly! But watch out, if the opposing team has your flag then you cannot capture theirs, so a good defense is also a good offence! First to three points win!

  • Team Deathmatch

It is a classic team deathmatch scenario with each team battling to score the most defeats! Score counts down from 99 to 0 and the first team to 0 wins!

  • Stone Control

In the central area of the map, there are six stones that each team must try to carry back to their base. As with the flag, the player carrying a stone is left incredibly vulnerable, so good team-play is a must! The first team to acquire all six stones - or the team with the most at the end of the time - win!

War of Emperium Arena

War of Emperium Arena is held by the The Association of Allied Guilds of Rune-Midgard, Arunafeltz and Schwarzwald. It hosts battleground modes similar to woe scenarios to get members ready for actual battle.

War of Emperium Arena hosts two types of battle ground modes :

  • Conquest

This game takes place in a Schwartzwald or Arunafeltz Guild Castle. This is a WoE 2.0 simulation, with one team attempting to break the castle and the other defending it!

  • Rush

This game takes place in a Baldur Guild Castle. This is a WoE FE simulation but with a twist!
Both teams spawn inside an empty castle and must rush to capture and defend it from the other team! The twist is, however, both teams spawn together and must quite literally rush to break the Emperium; except, when the Emperium is broken, the other team are not warped out but remain where they are. The team that broke the emperium is on the defensive mode, which the other team has to challenge the team to break the emp to win!

Battlegrounds Rewards

7829.gif Battleground badges are the reward items that can be obtained in Battlegrounds. They can be traded in for a variety of different equipment, consumables and costumes.

Every Battleground mode gives out :

  • 10 7829.gif Battleground badges per win
  • 05 7829.gif Battleground badges per draw
  • 03 7829.gif Battleground badges per loss


The battleground badges can be exchanged for weapons, armors, consumables and costumes at the Eden Mall Battleground area with the BG Armours, BG Weapons, BG Usables and BG Costumes NPCs located at 50, 102. The equipment may have either the prefix Valor or Bravery depending on which battleground they reflect.

If players have the old format's badges (prior to 2016 April, namely Flavius/Tierra/KVM badges/points), can exchange them for the 7829.gif Battleground badges with the Badge Swapper NPC in Eden Mall Battleground Area.

BG Armours BG Usables BG Costumes

All Costumes are 30 Days Rental Boxes

BG Weapons
Bravery Valor Heroism
150 Badges per weapon 500 Badges per weapon

Battlegrounds Enchantments

Marollo Magician

Marollo Magician, who can be found in the Battlegrounds Corner in the Garden of Eden Mall, Now allows you to enchant your Battleground Gears with special enchantments gained from Battlegrounds.

You can slot any two enchantments you want into the third and fourth slot of your Weapons, which he will charge you Badges for. It costs 11 Badges per enchant to slot into weapons. However, he also can sell you some basic enchantments for Badges as well! These are only lower-tier enchantments. There three Unofficial tiers of enchantments ;

  • The lower tiers may be bought from the Marollo Magician.
  • Middle tiers are randomly given out at the end of a Battlegrounds game to someone in the queue.
  • Higher tiers are found extremely rarely at the end of a game, or in Plundered Loot boxes.

A List of the Enchantments can be found here : Battleground Enchantments

Plundered Loot

"What are Plundered Loot boxes!?" I hear you ask? Well these, too, may be rewarded at the end of a Battlegrounds game to a random person in the queue! However, they require a Marollo's Key to open, which may be bought from the Cash Shop at the price of 150P.

NOTE : The Plundered Loot are not tradeable; however, the King Marollo's Keys are. Furthermore, all items from the Plundered Loot may be traded, except: any bound items or costumes.