Sunglasses (1) Quest

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The sunglasses trader is offering adventurers the way to the person who actually put the slots on them for some items and zeny.


  • Warp to Alberta, and head west. Near one of the buildings at the top, is the Sunglasses Trader (Located at 88, 193).
  • Bring her the necessary items listed below and 100,000 zeny. She will tell you where Maseph is located.
  • Warp to Morroc, and walk south 2 maps until you reach Morocc Field 18. Near the southern part of the map is Maseph (Located at 166, 126). She will ask for the sunglasses and 400,000 Zeny.
  • Bring her what she asks for and you will obtain a Sunglasses (1).

Required Items

1 Sunglasses

1 1-Carat Diamond
50 Feather



Complete this quest and receive File:2202.gif Sunglasses (1).