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Amberknight and Grandma Mayu


Grandma Mayu has left her home after years of living in recluse with her various pets and settled in Eden Mall (@go 16, /navi paramk_ 143/104).
Her favorite snail, Amberknight, has also come with her but it seems he's having trouble adjusting to the mall. Shaky from suddenly moving with Grandma Mayu, Amberknight just can't settle down! He's eating almost everything in sight and Grandma Mayu needs your help to get him to spit up the items.

How to play

NOTE: Amberknight is a gamble game. You can win or lose everything you put into it, be aware of it when trying it out.

To help Grandma Mayu out, you need to buy some Amber Pearls from the Cash Shop and feed them to Amberknight.
Once Amberknight's eaten them, you need to shake him a bit to get the pearl circulating inside of him. Depending on where the pearl ends up, Amberknight will spit up the item he's swallowed and you get to keep it! The closer you get the pearl to Amberknight's center, the better the prize!

If the Amber Pearl ends up on a normal square, you win the item that Grandma Mayu tells you. From there, you can choose to keep shaking Amberknight or to loot the items you have just won.

If the Amber Pearl ends up on a colored square, the Amber Pearl will dissolve and Amberknight will give you a Blue Egg or Green Egg. The eggs can be used to start your next Amber Pearl closer to Amberknight's center. This will increase your chances at getting a better prize.

Game play Walk through

Thanks to Nebula for providing these.
In this section you can see how the basic game play looks like with different outcomes.

  • Starting from the beginning/Failing/getting Green Eggs (with 10 of them you can restart from green spaces).
  • Chance to keep an item or further test your luck for better prizes.

Amber01.gif Amber02.png

  • Failing/getting Blue Eggs (with 10 of them you can restart from blue spaces).


  • Starting from a green space with 10 Green Eggs (left).
  • Starting from a blue space with 10 Blue Eggs (right).

Amber04.gif Amber05.gif


From what Grandma Mayu can remember, Amberknight has swallowed the following items:

Exclusive Prizes

Amberknight has also swallowed some exclusive gears and costumes including ...
(All Headgears can be turned into Costumes)

(From 19th April 2018 ~ 20th May 2018)

(From 21st May 2018 ~ 5th September 2018)

(From 6th September 2018 ~ 7th March 2019)

(From 8th March 2019 ~ 26th November 2019)

(From 27th November 2019 ~ 24th January 2021)

(From 25th January 2021 ~ ???)

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