Golden Hole

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Base Level: ???
Party: 1 ~ ??? Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): Completion of Kraken's Lair; Completion of Sapha's Visit
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Various Weapons and Armory


Nobby the Novice: The Golden Hole Adventure! This instance will see you help hapless Nobby the Novice in his continuing search for riches and fame!

  1. Start by heading to Kamidal Tunnel. Make your way to the center of the map and you will see Nobby the Novice (Located at 258, 113). Speak to Nobby to initiate the quest.

  2. Inside the Instance, you need to kill all of the Scaraba Monsters and keep care of Nobby the Novice.

  3. You need to find 5 keys in order to finish the instance.

    • Speed - Finish the quest in record breaking speed!
    • Mushrooms – You need to collect all the mushrooms and give them to the Piom.
    • Root – After opening all the Sonia (corals partitions) you need to bring Nobby to the root at the center of the map. (you will unlock “Root of all Evil” title)
    • Queen – Defeat the queen! Nobby can help to tank but he gets distracted and tired easily.
    • Nobby – Nobby needs to do the entire thing with you! He will follow you everywhere and provide some tanking, but is easily distracted and when he gets tired he must stop.

  4. There are 5 areas divided by Sonia (plant like partitions). You must bring Nobby to the crystal found in each area before you can open the Sonia (killing them).

    • The crystals are represented by stars. There are 4 in total and a text will appear when Nobby obtains one. Their colors are Red (85, 219), Blue (190, 211), Purple (148, 93) and Yellow (84, 107).

  5. There are 12 locations for the Mushrooms. You do not need to bring Nobby to get them. In the 1st area there are 4, 1 in the 2nd area, 2 in the 3rd area, and 5 in the 4th area.

    • 1st | 65, 146
    • 2nd | 99, 195
    • 3rd | 62, 129
    • 4th | 79, 205
    • 5th | 28, 96
    • 6th | 187, 33
    • 7th | 199, 149
    • 8th | 179, 210
    • 9th | 172, 207
    • 10th | 174, 211
    • 11th | 174, 201
    • 12th | 140 209

  6. After collecting all the mushrooms return to the Piom (220, 45) to get the key. No need to bring Nobby. Wear the Ring of the Wise Ancient King to talk to him.

  7. When all the areas are opened, bring Nobby to the roots to get the key. The Root is located in the center.

  8. After that, defeat the queen and finish the instance. She is in the last area (the one next to the spawn area).


In the end the treasure chest can include the following rewards:

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