Kraken's Lair

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  • Start by heading to Byalan Dungeon (Level 5). Make your way to the top center of the map and you will see Nobby the Novice (Located at 114, 248).
  • Speak to Nobby and ask him what's wrong. After some dialogue, he will let you warp into the Kraken's Lair instance. Some information about the instance includes:
    • The instance has a time limit of 1 hour to finish.
    • Donates are allowed inside (With the exception of Angra, Ahura)
    • Max Class characters are allowed inside
    • You must have a party to enter the instance. There is no minimum amount of party members required.
  • Note: If there are people that are not online in your party when you attempt to start the instance, you will be stuck on a dialogue box and will have to wait for the cooldown to finish before you can enter again.

Entry Area

  • After entering the instance, kill any and all monsters you encounter. There is a chance to obtain quest pieces which can be used later on.
  • Head up the stairs to the right, and speak to the Corpse.
  • From there, head back down the stairs and off to the east. Cross the bridge, and speak to the algae (Located at 238, 217). After that, you will obtain a key.
  • A bit more to the NorthEast, you will see a Door. Click on it, and type in "Atlanture". Click the door again to be teleported through it to the first area.

Bubble Area

  • This area has 13 bubbles to deactivate. Which when clicked will open up a "Door".

Not much information is known about this area except that by completing it, you obtain a key. This would make 2 keys obtained so far.

  • Make your way around the area and speak to Nobby to carry on to the next area.

Barracks Area

  • First thing you will see in this area is Nobby, just sitting there in the middle. If you have not collected any of the items mentioned before from killing the monsters, you can speak to him here and purchase the items for 10m zeny each.
  • Head a little north, and you will see a barracks.
  • Throughout this area, scattered with the monsters, are weapon like monsters, which you must kill all 6 to obtain another key. This makes 3 keys obtained so far.
  • When finished, head up the large staircase and as long as you have those 4 monster pieces you were told about earlier (Either from killing monsters, or buying them), you will be able to speak to the Altar and head to the next area. By placing all 4 pieces into the altar, you will obtain another key. This makes 4 keys obtained so far.

Kraken Area

Required Items

  • 40,000,000 Zeny (Not always required)