Lord Kaho's Horn (1) Quest

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Lord Kaho has a plan for you.

He wants you to upgrade the horns to become more powerful. Anyone could have bought the items off some traveling merchants, so now he wants you to prove yourself. Legends state there lies a secret dungeon beneath Saint Darmain's Fortress - East. He wants you to find the blacksmith to forge the new horns. Not surprisingly, the blacksmith is worried that Lord Kaho has sent you. He worried that he'll be killed at any moment. You see, Lord Kaho found him one day in the Deep roads forging away, as them dwarves do.

He had heard a rumour that the blacksmith was the best dwarvish blacksmith there was, and ever will be, so Lord Kaho tried to recruit him. Lord Kaho demanded that the blacksmith refine the weird horns for him. He could already tell they were oozing with mystical powers. The blacksmith told him he couldn't make the horns any better, that they were as strong as they could be.

When Lord Kaho heard this, he went mad and tried to kill the blacksmith. The blacksmith ran and hid. He heard tale of a secret dungeon. After endless searching, he found his way to the dungeon, only to find it a nesting place for monsters all over the world. He contracts you to kill Lord Kaho. In return, he will take the soul of Lord Kaho to forge the stronger Lord Kaho's Horns.


  • Warp to Geffen and walk north to where you obtained the original Lord Kaho's Horn. While wearing that headgear, speak to Lord Kahos Knight. He will ask you to go find a blacksmith in a secret base.
  • Warp to Morroc and travel 1 map south, and 1 map west. You will be on Forrtress Saint Darmain (East). You must flip the 5 levers before the timer runs out. You have 4 minutes to hit all the levers.
Note: @commands are not allowed on the map, so it is best if you have some kind of speed enhancing equipment or a Peco Peco.
  • After all 5 levers have been flipped, you may enter the secret base located in the bottom right of the map (Located at 349, 84).
  • You will be warped to a new map. On this map, monsters that are killed will respawn right next to you. They are monsters available in the Dead Branch / Bloody Branch list. If you killed a poring, a new random monster will spawn right next to take it's place. The same goes for the MVP's. You must make it to the last level of the dungeon to try and find the Blacksmith.
  • When you reach the last level of the dungeon, find the Blacksmith. He will tell you a story about Lord Kaho.
  • After he finished talking, return to Lord Kahos Knight and talk to him.
  • Head back to the Blacksmith and you will need to fight Lord Kaho. When ready, create a party and talk to the blacksmith to enter the fight. The fight is limited to 30 minutes. If you can't defeat him by that time, you will be forcibly removed. Keep trying until you defeat him.
  • After defeating him, the blacksmith will thank you and by trading the Lord Kaho's Horn to him, he will give you a Lord Kaho's Horn (1).

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive a Lord Kaho's Horn (1).




  • The fight against Lord Kaho is a non-donate fight. You may use your party, but no premium equipments are allowed.