World Without Balance

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Welcome to the World without Balance Instance!

Recruiter Naomi prt_gld 168, 108

To start this quest, you must talk to Recruiter Naomi, located in prt_gld 168, 108, who will require you to be in a party of six with the level requirement of 255 for all.

Tip: You can reach Recruiter Naomi by teleporting via the @hub Chauffeur, situated toward right!

Base Level: 255/120
Party: 6 Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): None

Once you have gathered your team, you may talk to Recruiter Naomi to start the instance that happens across three maps.

    This quest or instance can be repeated
    Cooldown for Instance: 24 hrs


  • Alt Usage: Not allowed, each player can only use one char per time.
  • Premium Items are allowed, except [Angra_Manyu Angra Manyu] and [Ahura_Mazdah Ahura Mazdah].
  • Max Stats Characters are allowed.
  • You have 60 min to finish the instance (in either Normal or Nightmare mode).
  • @storage is disabled on all instance maps.
  • You are granted re-entry into the Instance, in case you died. Those are limited to:
    • 3 re-entry on Normal Mode.
    • 1 re-entry on Nightmare Mode.

Background Story

"What is dead should remain, as if it doesn't, the balance of the world is disrupted."

The appearance of Vanna had raised the Undead King back to life, distorting the balance of life and equity. Draphael opened a dimensional rift between Midgard and the Underworld... calling forth a gloomy castle from the beyond the dimensional rift. Many Rune Midgardian scouts were deployed to gain intel of the mysterious castle, just for them to be unheard of again. Until they re-emerged... as the undead. Now servants of the gloomy castle, they attacked nearby towns and villages, burning them down to nothingness.

Unwavering, the injured Queen called forth the adventurers of Rune Midgard to curb the threat of the ominous castle and its minions.

Vanna's Story, the Beginning

Adventurers were gathered to defeat the Undead King to restore peace to Rune Midgard. After his defeat, Queen Catherine D. Geoborg, journeyed into Niflheim to investigate the source of the calamity. But the answers would only serve to be a source of further dread. It is learnt that the Undead King was brought into our world by the baleful witch of legends. Vanna, the servant of Jormungandr, the World Serpent. During her investigation, the Queen and her retinue were attacked in the midst of a mysterious fog. Or so says the only survivor to return from the expedition. In urgent response, adventurers set out on a rescue mission to save the queen! But this would only be the beginning or worse things to come.

Instance Maps

First Map

Wwb in01.png

The first map will involve Varunastra who guards the entrance of the Undead King's Castle; to gain access, you must defeat all the Undead Scouts as well as Varunastra to venture further...


Second Map

In the second map, you and your team must venture into four different entrances that will lead you to four different Elemental Guardians to destroy... but do venture carefully as what meets the eye may be deceiving...

Elemental Guardian Fire.pngElemental Guardian Earth.pngElemental Guardian Thunder.pngElemental Guardian Water.png


Third Map

Wwb in02.png
Deity of Balance.gif

Once all the Elemental Guardians have been defeated, the Deity of Balance will appear to converse with you all before it decides to destroy you all.

You must defeat the Deity of Balance in order to enter the Final Map.


Final Map

Wwb in03.png

In the final map, you and your team will face off against Draphael, who is both human and angel as the Messenger of Ruler of the Underworld.

Once you have defeated Draphael, you shall be rewarded, but be warned, this is no easy task.


Fight Mechanics

There are two modes: Normal and Nightmare

    On Nightmare mode, stats of the monsters are boosted and Monsters HP are doubled.

  • Draphael (Human Form) switches between 10% Physical and Magical Reflect status every 20 seconds (Indicated by Blue/Green Aura)
  • Draphael (Angel Form) is different, spawns a Totem every 2 minutes, Totem grants Draphael 100% Reflect for Physical and Magical Attack.

Title Rewards

Here are the two titles that you may claim:

  • Title: Balance Master

Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Nightmare Mode 10 times.

  • Title: Wombat Warrior

Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Normal Mode 30 times.


After finishing the instance, you need talk again with Recruiter Naomi to redeem your rewards.

This reward can either be one of the items in the shop, or a Token of Balance (Normal or Nightmare, depending on which mode you played).