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Make sure to read all of this and understand it completely!


As part of the customer service improvements, we will be offering a new benefit to players. Once per account, we will now restore items lost due to player error up to 2 weeks prior to the report. We can not review older reports as a matter of policy due to log archiving. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Items accidentally sold to NPCs.
  • Losing items due to sharing accounts (only if the items can be recovered).
  • Etc...

These are a case by case basis so while something may be usable to one person/case, factors may make it unable to be used on yours. We will be unable to return any items that have already made it to the open market, however.

Cases that are covered by Oopsy, that can be used ONCE PER YEAR (per account):

  • Dropping items on the ground and them disappearing (Someone picking them up voids this).

Cases that are covered by Oopsy, that can be used Once per account, (Separate from the first Oopsy Policy limitation):

  • Pet related issues


Transactions done using RoDEX are non refundable and is not covered in oopsy policy even if it's lost or if mail is deleted or any other situations.

How to Use

  • If you wish to use this opportunity you should contact the Staff explaining you've read and understood the limitations and want to use the oopsy policy. This is primarily so there is a visible record of your report, as well as allowing the GM Team to look into your report to verify your story.
  • After you report an error and request a replacement, please allow approximately 10 days for the logs to be reviewed and the items to be returned (though, in most cases it should take less than one week). If, for any reason, we are unable to return your item, you will still be eligible for this opportunity in the future. Please do not keep asking the GMs when you can get your item back. If you have filed a report on the forums at this point, it will be handled as soon as possible.
  • When the GM Team is finished looking into your request, your report thread will receive a reply to. It will either be explained why you can't use your oopsy for that particular item, or request that you sign up for Helpdesk. If requested to sign up for helpdesk, please do so and a GM will recall you and return your item.


Please remember, this is a very time consuming process which is why we will only be extending the chance once per account and you will only be elligible for reimbursement on items from less than two weeks prior to the report. Additionally, we can NOT guarantee the return of the items in some circumstances but we will try our best. Repeatedly visiting helpdesk to ask about the status of your items will result in your report being denied.