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Below are the most commonly used acronyms in game.

Custom Acronyms

Acronyms for custom gears, quests, and such.

BCA = Bloody Card Album

C = Credit / 100 Point Coin

CoC = Clip of Consciousness

EP = Event Point

EPC = Event Point Coin

GB = Goblin Bow

GDS = Great Demon's Shroud

GDP = Great Demon's Pauldrons

GR = Goblin Revoler/Ghostring Card

GOB = Great Old Boots

GOC = Great Old Cloak

GOH = Great Old Hauberk

HoA = Hall of Abyss

HSK = Hardened Steel Katar

IBPC = Itty Bitty Poring City

MCA = Mystical Card Album

MMM = Murderous Mystery Mines

MM = Marvin's Mace

LBW = Large Blue (Angel)Wing

LRW = Large Red (Angel)Wing

LWW = Large White (Angel)Wing

OCC = Orc Champion Card

OCH = Orc Champion Helm

OKC = Orc Knight Card

OKP = Orc Knight Plate

RDC = Royal Dispatch Center

SBK = Sewer Bug King

SBQ = Sewer Bug Queen

VP = Vote Point

VVVSHx= Very Very Very Strong Hardened Sword/Spear/Mace/Dagger

WoWW = Wise Old Woman's Wand

General Acronyms

On any RO you go to, these acronyms may be used.

AA = ArchAngeling

AK = Abysmal Knight

BB = Bloody Branch/Bowling Bash

BG = Battle Grounds / Bubble Gum

CW = Cursed Water

DB = Dead Branch

DI = Dark Illusion

DL = Dark Lord

EE = Enriched Elunium

ED = Evil Druid

EO = Enriched Oridecon

EDP = Enchant Deadly Poison/Poison Bottles

ESL = Evil Snake Lord

FBH = Fallen Bishop Hibram

GEC = General Egnigem Cenia

GTB = Golden Thief Bug

HWC = High Wizard Card/Hill Wind Card

OCA = Old Card Album

OL = Orc Lord

LoD = Lord of Death

PD = Perfect Dodge

PvE = Player Versus Environment

PvM = Player Versus Monster

PvP = Player Versus Player

RoFL = Ring of Flame Lord

RoR = Ring of Resonance

SK = Stormy Knight

SS = Sealed Shrine / Sharp Shooting

TG = Turtle General

ToZ = Token of Ziegfried

VR = Valkyrie Randgris

WoE = War of Emperium

YG = Yellow Gemstone

Skill Acronyms

Certain skills people use acronyms when talking about and the the most common ones are:

AD = Acid Demonstration

BB = Bowling Bash

BS = Beast Strafing

CT = Cart Termination

DS = Double Strafing

HD = Heaven's Drive

HL = Holy Light

FCP or CP = Full Chemical Protection

FJ = Frost Joker

FO = Finger Offensive

FSK = Flying Side Kick

FS = Final Strike

JT = Jupitel Thunder

KE = Kyrie Eleison

LP = Land Protector

LoV = Lord of Vermillion

MB = Magnum Break/Mind Breaker

ME = Magnus Exorcismus

PDFM = Please Don't Forget Me

RS = Rapid Shower

SG = Storm Gust (Can also mean "Star Gladiator", depends on context)

SB = Sonic Blow

SW = Safety Wall

WoF = Wall of Fog

Trading Acronyms

A/B = Auto Buy

A/S = Auto Sell

B = Buying

C/O = Current Offer

OP = Over Priced (Can also mean "Overpowered", depends on context)

PC = Price Check

S = Selling

T = Trading

NONR = No Offer, No Reply