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Rune-Midgard scientists have recently discovered a strange virus that has been cultivated deep below the guild castle realms. What does this mean? It seems that the monsters found within the dungeons - which resided below the guild castle realms - have been infected! The mobs can be identified by the "G" after their name, signifying their infection of the G variant of the virus. Their stats have increased almost five-fold; they are now a challenge even for the most hardened adventurer! They are much tougher.

Because of the G variant virus, adventurers have found that they tend to gain experience much quicker than from normal monsters! Some adventurers even claim that the monsters provide more combat experience than those in Bio Labs IV!

The Association of Allied Guilds of Rune-Midgard, Arunafeltz and Schwarzwald (TAGRAS), after hearing about the G variant virus, have decided to offer incentives to those bold adventurers who travel deep to the guild dungeons and slay the frightful beasts residing below! They have decided to start a Guild Points system - based upon an individual's ability - which will allow purchase of equipment and items which will prove helpful in sieges and the War of the Emperium!

However, in keeping with guild rivalry, TAGRAS_Catalogue, TAGRAS, have also extended the points system to include that of people from enemy guilds! TAGRAS have decided that every monster slain will be worth 1 guild point. A member of an antagonistic guild will wield the victor 5 guild points; however, the defeated will lose 3 guild points in shame. Try not to die!

The items purchasable by TAGRAS will prove to be useful provisions for the regular War of Emperium-goer, such as Poison Bottles and magic potions! TAGRAS have also decided to honour those citizens of the world who decided to give up their time in order to provide a service especially useful to those who enough the thrill of the fight! Thus, weapons and armour have been made in their image, for example, Seiyablem's Stiletto , Grendal's Gloves or even Marvin's Mace! Speak to your local TAGRAS representative for a full catalogue!

How to participate/General Mechanics

  • The Hall of Abyss for a specific Guild area needs a zeny investment for it to be open. There are 3 types of states that the area can be in:
    1. Closed to everyone : This means less than 100,000,000 zeny has been invested, so no one can enter the area.
    2. Guild Access : This means 100,000,000 zeny has been invested so only players that have joined a guild that owns a guild castle in the area may enter the Hall of Abyss for that area.
    3. Free Access : This means at least 300,000,000 zeny has been invested so anyone, regardless of guild association, may enter without restriction.

  • Investing can be done by either using zeny, or Investment Certificates.
    • You can donate between 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 zeny at a time and will receive 1 Investment Ticket for every 5,000,000 zeny (not certificates) that you invest. Means: For every 10m invested zeny you get 2 Investment Tickets, and so on.
    • You can also donate Investment Certificates, which will value at 10,000,000 zeny each

  • The total amount invested for each area will reset to 0 at 23:00 (11pm) Server Time every Wednesday.
  • Investment may only be done during the 3 days following the reset. After 3 days have passed, investment will be closed and locked until the next reset. That state of the halls (closed, open to guilds, open to everyone), will also be set until the next reset.

  • When entering the Hall of Abyss/Guild Dungeon, you will always spawn in a random location.
  • Upon entering the area, kill monsters and/or other players to earn points. The points that can be earned/lost are as follows:
    • Normal Woe Dungeons:
      • +1 point per monster killed
      • +5 points per player killed
      • -3 points per death
    • Hall of Abyss :
      • +2 point per normal monster killed
      • +4 points per mini-boss killed
      • +10 points per player killed
      • -6 points per death
  • Note: Guild Points are capped at 999,999. You will not be able to gain more than that amount.


The Road Warrior

Ancient Wind

Hero's Tears

Hill of the Dead

Summoning the MvP

  • Note: The MvPs are NOT under noKS, they are free to be killed by ANYONE passing by. So make sure you won't get snatched.

You need some summoning catalysts in order to summon the MvPs. The catalysts can be found from the mini-bosses within that respective HoA (Gioia drop Maiden's Tear which summons Herja, for example). Within each HoA, there are some devices scattered around the map. The devices will activate if you bring to them a certain amount of catalysts (which differ randomly between device); these are destroyed after use. Once all devices are activated, the MvP will be summoned.

  • In order to summon the MVP, you need atleast 15 catalyst (each dropped by the mini bosses) of the respective area. Each devices takes a minimum 3 of them

The devices will start to de-activate if you do not bring to them the catalysts needed after 'x' time. Each device has it's own, random, timer which counts down from 'x' once it's activated. You will need to re-activate the device if this timer reaches 0.

If the devices are within a state of "spinning", that means they are active. If all devices are spinning, this means the MvP has been summoned and is somewhere on the map. If the devices are in the "need time to recharge" state, this means the MvP has been killed, and they need time before they may be activated. All devices share this timer and all will be ready to activate at the same time.

Devices to summon MvPs

Below can the location of the devices be found (marked with red dots). It also gives a general overview of the different Hall of Abyss maps.

Gld2 ald.png Gld2 gef.png

Gld2 prt.png Gld2 pay.png

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