NPC:Hat Roulette

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NPC Used For: Hat Roulette.png
This NPC uses Premium Points (PP) to play a game which rewards players with a 30 day rental custom headgears! Most of these also cannot be Dyna'ed!

  • Play mode 1: Any custom headgear can be chosen. (50 PP)
  • Play mode 2: You won't get a hat box that is already in your inventory. (If removed from box, you CAN get them again) Also, lower end hats are removed. (100 PP)
  • Play Mode 3: Any custom headgear can be chosen, with a chance of it being a permanent version! (100 PP)

Loki Location:
Prontera (183, 221)

Costume Boxes obtained from this are trade able, however if you open them, they are bound to your account.
Further the item Hat Roulette Token allows you the use of Play mode 1.