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VIP subscription are additional privileges gained by a player in exchange of premium points in game for a certain period of time. VIP subscriptions are of two forms - Gold VIP and Platinum VIP.

  • Gold VIP is a "free" VIP status given to those of level 10 Donor status, as a thank you for supporting the server.
  • Platinum VIP is the premium version that is bought with premium points.

Gold and Platinum VIPs!

  • VIPs will receive an increase of 5% in base and job EXP that they earn! This includes MvP, quest and other EXP sources, and will also increase the amount of EXP contributed towards your guild's level!
  • VIPs will receive +3 All Stat Food Buffs from the Healer NPC when they heal! (For those worried about Thana-bait, you can turn these buffs off at the Settings NPC).
  • VIPs will get an inherent 5% chance of Double Drop occurring for items that have a drop rate of 70% or more!
    This means that if an item has a 70% chance to drop, or more, then if that item drops you have a 5% chance for yet another one of those items to drop! This will certainly help those with VIP status to farm those valuable items even quicker!
  • VIPs can use the "magic" command, which allows you to disguise your character as a third, second, first or baby job. Useful if you don't like to look of your current job.
    • Usage: pm "VIP" with "magic#third", to turn your character into its class third sprite.
  • VIPs can use the @param command to see how their equipments effects are effecting them!

Platinum VIPs Only!

  • VIPs can use Halter Lead (infinite uses), which lets them have mounts (9 different mounts are available) for their characters. These are obtained on first login as a VIP member.
  • Platinum VIPs will receive an extra increase of 5% in base and job EXP, raising the total to 10% earnt in total!
  • Platinum VIPs will receive an extra +2 to All Stats from the Healer NPC when healing, increasing their total to +5 to All Stats!
  • As a little something to help out during War of Emperium, those with Platinum VIP status will now get to see a custom mini-map whilst they are in any War of Emperium castle! These mini-maps are labeled to show you which room leads to which, in the case of WoE 1.0, and in WoE 2.0 the mini-maps are labeled to show you where each flag will warp you to on the map! Hopefully this makes getting around that bit easier!

Other Benefits!

In addition to the above, VIP subscription also gives the following benefits:

  • Access to the VIP Lounge, VIP Dungeon and VIP MVP Room.
  • Free Warps at Warpra/Kafra.
  • Half price Resets.
  • Scan headgears to turn those into Dyna Sprites for your account. This includes sprites not you are not normally allowed to Dyna.


Subscriptions can be bought at the VIP Shop NPC in the Eden Mall (@go 16).
Further Donor Boxes have chance of dropping VIP Subs, as sometimes Events, such as the Monsters in Prontera Invasion.

Subscription Period Cost
1 Day 100 Premium Points
2 Days 150 Premium Points
3 Days 200 Premium Points
5 Days 275 Premium Points
10 Days 450 Premium Points
15 Days 600 Premium Points
30 Days 1.000 Premium Points