Fable Silk Quest

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Ara is one of the famous quadruplets in Lighthalzen. She's always had an interest with the legendary Fable and his silks. She can help you create Fable's very own silk to wrap your body around with it.


  • Warp to Lighthalzen.
  • Walk West until you reach Ara (Located at 80, 90) in a group of NPCs.
  • Talk to her and she will ask you to bring her the items.
  • Bring her the required items to make Fable Silk.

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive a Fable Silk.




Need some help with soft silks? Nevee can help you!

Nevee is Niamh's assistant in Amatsu Ribbon Shop. She is located in the same building as Niamh, but to the lower right in the building. She will offer to help you with your Soft Silk farming by converting other materials into Soft Silks. You will need to bring her the following items:

1 Silk Robe [1]
1 Silk Ribbon
  • 2,000 Zeny

She will give you between 5 to 8 Soft Silks everytime you bring her those items. She will be busy during the Saturdays and Sundays.