Weekly Sale Shop

From Revival Ragnarok Online

The Weekly Sale Shop is a weekly updated shop that gives cheaper or exclusive sales for some Premium Items/Headgears.

The set of items changes every Saturday 00:00 server time.

The Weekly Sale NPC is located at @hub (auch_city,183, 260). ____ Players can also reach the Weekly Sale NPC by speaking to
the Weekly Sale Staff in Prontera (154, 176)
Weekly Sale NPC.png
Weekly Sale Staff2.png

Current Sale

General Sales

Set of New Clothes ________ 2,500 PP
Set of New Clothes V2 2,500 PP
Pimp Hat 1,700 PP
Cute Red Ribbons 1,300 PP
Cute Blue Ribbons 1,300 PP

Premium Point Exclusive Sale

Electric Aura ________ 2,000 PP
Electric Aura (Orange 2,000 PP
Pecopeco Wing 1,300 PP