Wolfchev's Laboratory

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Base Level: 255
Party: 1 ~ ??? Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): Breaking The Seal Quest
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Fight Bijou; Various Equipment's

This is the Final episode in Bio Lab 4 Saga.
Finally, the secret entry to Wolfchev's Lab has been found by the brave adventurers of Rune-Midgard who have followed these screams deep into the Biolabs - past even the heavily-guarded northern side! Adventurers will find inside Wolfchev's Lab cunning tricks and devious traps set up by Wolfchev himself to deter any such incursions. Adventurers will need the help of at least three other friends to open those heavy, steel doors - and they should be wise to heed such words! Because who knows what will await them at the end... Maybe even Wolfchev himself?

  1. Start by heading to Biolabs F4. Make your way to the North of the map and you will see the closed entrance of Wolfchev's Laboratory with several "Danger" Signs around it (Located at 148, 276). Speak to the "Suspicious Entrance" to initiate the quest.

  1. Inside you will get into 2 rooms with small riddles. Make sure you MEMORIZE the hints!

  2. In the last room you will need to deactivate several pipes. These are labled for different members of your party. Make sure everyone checks if they got a pipe.

    • Failing on deactivating the pipe will result in a Random Bio Lab F3 Monster to spawn.
    • Failing too often will lead into a small group of them to spawn.

  1. In the last room you will be facing Wolfchev. After a small dialogue he will spawn his creation: Bijou.

  2. While Bijou is on it's rampage against the team (or the best case the Tank), 4 Tubes in the northern part of the room are about to activate.

    • If you fail to cancle the Tubes, a Bio Lab 4 Monster will be summoned, alongside the Bijou.
    • All 4 Tubes need to be deactivated ONCE, or they will spawn a Bio Lab 4 Monster each.

  1. Once Bijou is defeated, the Treasure Chest will spawn in the middle of the room, where Wolfchev was before.

Treasure Chest Rewards

The following items can be included in the Chest:

Additional Notes