Breaking The Seal Quest

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You visit Jameson's office inside the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters building where he tells you about Dr. Wolfchev and his plans. He asks for your help to stop Dr. Wolfchev and his accomplices before its too late.


1. Go to Lighthalzen and enter Rekenber Corporation Headquarters Building (Lighthalzen 102 246) on the top left part of the map.

2. Once you enter, walk towards the left side of your screen. Once you pass the winding staircase with a red carpet (you won't miss it) walk a bit towards the top. You will see a portal there. Enter it.


3. You will arrive at Jameson's office. Walk a bit to the left then a bit to the top and you will see a bunch of NPCs facing tables, except for Jameson (lhz_in01 115 48). Talk to him. He will tell you ho Dr. Wolfchev really is and what he has done in the past. After which he will tell you of Dr. Wolfchev's plans and will ask for your help to stop it. After accepting the request, he will send to you to Paige, right infront of him (lhz_in01 111 46), for their locations.


4. Talk to Paige. After a bit, she will give you the four Locations where you can find the Sealing Runes. They are at:

*NOTE: Each Sealing Rune respawns at random locations so just roam around the maps and look diligently. There will be a special light that will appear and converge on its location if you see a Sealing Rune for the first time in every map so you'll know you found one. Make sure you have "/effect" on to see the effects when you are near a Rune.
They have no Sprite visually, but you can see a click-able option when you found one.

BLRune1.jpg BLRune2.jpg

5. After collecting all 4 runes, return to Paige. She will tell you that you need to go to the Seal Shrine and place each rune. Afterwhich she will give you four Sealed Shrine Locations. Go there and place the runes. Each location is randomly given to you. Here are a couple of them with corresponding coordinates courtesy of Stolen Syn.

Map Location MVP associated Coordinates (@jump) Coordinates (/navi)
Niflheim, Realm of the Dead Lord of the Dead @jump 87 85 /navi niflheim 87/85
Glast Heim Churchyard Dark Lord @jump 148 151 /navi gl_chyard 148/151
East Orc Village Orc Hero @jump 133 119 /navi gef_fild10 133/119
Ant Hell F2 Maya @jump 208 112 /navi anthell02 208/112
West Orc Village Orc Lord @jump 66 77 /navi gef_fild14 66/77
Inside Pyramid F4 Osiris @jump 101 184 /navi moc_pryd04 101/184
Sunken Ship F2 Drake @jump 102 149 /navi treasure_02 102/149
Sograt Desert Field 17 Phreeoni @jump 219 311 /navi moc_fild17 219/311
Turtle Palace F3 Turtle General @jump 99 86 /navi tur_dun04 99/86
Mt. Mjolnir Field 04 Mistress @jump 178 195 /navi mjolnir_04 178/195
Amatsu Underground Shrine Incarnation Samurai @jump 180 49 /navi ama_dun03 180/49
Payon Cave F5 Moonlight Flower @jump 121 111 /navi pay_dun04 121/111
Sphinx F5 Pharaoh @jump 95 135 /navi in_sphinx5 95/135
Payon Forest Field 11 Eddga @jump 165 235 /navi pay_fild11 165/235
Labyrinth Forest F3 Baphomet @jump 178 177 /navi prt_maze03 179/177

You will see a light if you are near one of the Sealed Shrines.


6. After placing all four Sealing Runes, return to Paige. She will tell you that you were too late and that Wolfchev already broke a few of the seals. He will then send you back to Jameson.

7. Talk to Jameson. He will thank you for the good job that you've done. He will also tell you that Dr. Wolfchev has retreated to a place called Biolabs F4 and that he needs you to go there. He warns you that the entrance to the place is off limits, but then tells you that you can bribe the Chief Constable, Charles, to be able to gain access.

*NOTE: At this point you can repeat Steps 4 through 6 by talking to Jameson again. He will tell you that Eremes is at it again and needs your help to reseal the shrines he broke. Just speak to Paige after talking to Jameson. Each repeat will add on the broken Seals in the server wide counter.

8. Once 50 seals server wide are broken, go to Lighthalzen Police Department (Lighthalzen 234 276) and talk to Chief Constable (lhz_in02 141 199) [For more details check Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest]. You now can"Bribe" him either through zeny or points. A number is equivalent to either million or premium point i.e. 2 million zeny = 2 premium point. You can choose either of them but NOT both.

Required Items



  • The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev
  • Biolabs F4 being "closed". This can be checked via the @timers command. On the very bottom there you can see "Seals will be restored in X days", meaning the time you can do the Quest again.


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